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Why Did I Get a Check from AvidXchange?  

Wondering, “Why did I get a check from AvidXchange?” We answer this question for new and existing suppliers.

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Tips to Avoid Duplicate Payments in Accounts Payable

Duplicate payments are expensive mistakes that cost businesses significant time and resources each year. Learn how to stop duplicate payments now.

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As Check Fraud Surges, E-Payments Provide a Solution

In 2022, the U.S. Treasury Department saw an 84% increase in check fraud. Businesses that adopt e-payments protect themselves against this recent surge.

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AvidXchange: How to Check Invoice and Payment Status

Follow these steps to check invoice payment status on the AvidXchange website.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Vendor Master File

It’s always a good time to clean your vendor master file. Check out these tips for keeping yours in order.

women working at dental practice

How AI Can Help Dental Groups Operate More Efficiently

Dental groups can use AI to potentially better serve patients, streamline administrative work and improve overall efficiency.

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What’s New in the Media Industry for 2024 

Our podcast discusses what’s new in the media industry for 2024, including ad spending predictions and requests for extended payment terms.

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The Benefits of Automated Payments 

Learn about the benefits of automated payments and how to select the best payment automation software for your business.

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Solution FAQ: MRI Vendor Pay 

We share everything you need to know about MRI Vendor Pay, including how to take advantage of the new Waived Transaction Fee MRI Vendor Pay.

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Time Management Tips for Accounting and Finance Professionals  

Our time management tips for accounting and finance professionals include leveraging technology to help navigate busy times.

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Think AP Staff Don’t Want AI? Think Again 

Tools exist today that leverage AI and machine learning to help AP teams get more done, alleviating time-consuming repetitive tasks.

Two women working on a desktop computer looking at data on a monitor.

5 Finance Technical Skills for Career Success 

Finance pros have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and accelerate career growth by learning new finance technical skills.

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