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Our care team is ready to assist you.

Our dedicated customer care team is ready to help solve your payables challenges. Need technical support? Looking for the status of an invoice or payment? We’re here to help. Check out your contact options below or use the Live Chat feature to get started.

Customer Support

Are you an existing AvidXchange accounts payable automation customer looking for help? Choose the option that best fits your needs below.

AvidInvoice and AvidPay Customer Support

For Assistance


Support Request

AvidAscend (BankTEL)

Support Request

AvidXchange FastPay

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Supplier Support

Are you a member of the AvidXchange Supplier Network and need help with your account? Sign up for our AvidPay Network for Supplier portal or contact our support team through the options below.

Supplier Support

For Assistance with a Payment Status, or Other Supplier Account Requests

NEW! Suppliers can use the AvidPay Network for Supplier Portal to track their invoice and payment statuses 24/7.

Supplier Support Phone


Supplier Enrollment

Join the AvidXchange Supplier Network and Get Paid Smarter

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