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AvidXchange Academy

Strategic Staffing Solutions

Your success is our success.

The AvidXchange Academy exists to provide the tools and resources to ensure that every customer is successful. Learn the skills you need to thrive as a user or administrator, earn valuable credentials that help you grow your career, and connect with a community of users across the country.

We know everyone’s learning needs are unique. That’s why we offer a wide variety of training formats so we can cater to everyone’s learning preferences. From quick-hit videos, to live webinars, to in-person customized sessions, we have all your needs covered.


Instructor-led learning for the structured learner.

AvidXchange Certified Administrator Program

A 5-week long program built for users who manage the configuration and maintenance of AvidXchange portals and oversee the training of end users.

AvidAscend Certified Administrator Program

A 5-week long program that provides tools and resources you need to feel more confident using the applications within AvidAscend including Accounts Payable, Administration, and more.

Learn On-Demand

Self-taught paths designed with flexibility in mind.

AvidXchange Community

We’ve combined our product guides, instructional videos, case information and chat all in one place. Explore the Community today!

AvidXchange eLearning Library

Our on-demand library of eLearning courses is built to provide on-demand access to content that increases technical knowledge of our products and services and supports your professional growth.

Learn Together

Participate with others to gain more knowledge.


Whether sharing timely information, providing details for upcoming releases, or introducing new products/features, our AvidXchange team hosts exclusive webinars. Most webinars provide a Q&A forum for participants to interact with our speakers. You can view past recordings in the Community.

Media Staffing Challenges


"A great course to learn all about AvidXchange and their products!"
Camilo Ramos, Island Hospitality
AvidXchange Certified Administrator
"Overall the course was amazing and very beneficial. I really admired the layout and format of this program. Great job Avid!"
DeAndre Welch, SterlingBay
AvidXchange Certified Administrator
"This is the best training program I have ever attended! We had a lot of communication and interaction with Avid team. I would definitely recommend to my colleagues."
Olivia Bradford, Allen Realty Services
AvidXchange Certified Administrator

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