AvidXchange Partners

AvidXchange seeks out best-in-class partners to enhance our customer experience and reach.

Reseller Partners

AvidXchange partners with Value Added Resellers (VAR) to deliver on-demand invoice and payment automation solutions.

Referral Partners

AvidXchange partners with other leading SaaS providers who share a common goal of creating efficiencies for businesses through automation of key financial processes.

Accounting System Partners

AvidXchange collaborates with best-in-class Accounting Systems who have a focus in creating operational efficiencies for their clients through automation.

Bank Partners

AvidXchange partners with leading banks and financial institutions to support in expanding their treasury portfolio to the mid-market space.

Mike Praeger, CEO & Co-Founder


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Our strategy centers around targeting the customers we want to do business with and delivering them best-in-class solutions that truly make their businesses better. That’s why we canvass the FinTech landscape to find the emerging technologies, like AvidXchange, that are true differentiators. The success we’ve had with these partnerships demonstrates that our clients trust us to find the right solutions, especially when they complement our core services so well."
Clark Khayat, Head of Enterprise Commercial Payments