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AP Solutions For Your Industry. Connected To Your Technology.

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At AvidXchange

We're about developing end-to-end solutions

Our end-to-end AP automation solutions are designed to take your purchase-to-pay process paperless and online. Our accounts receivable solutions enable suppliers to wave goodbye to delayed payments and get paid by our AP customers quickly and securely.

Finding the right online AP automation solution is easy with AvidXchange. We bundle our products into end-to-end solutions designed to deliver the best experience for your unique industry needs and integrated with your accounting system. Our accounts receivable solutions help suppliers get paid faster and smarter. 


Accounting System

Solutions built to connect

Looking for an AP automation solution that connects to your accounting system? We’ve got you covered.


Key Automation Benefits

A better purchase-to-pay experience.

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Seamlessly Integrated*

AvidXchange integrates with hundreds of widely used accounting systems, meaning your current system can remain intact while streamlining your entire process.

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Streamline Processes

Match your current approval workflows and reduce inefficiencies while maintaining control and staying organized thanks to paperless invoices and custom, streamlined processes.

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Reduce Risk

Automatically capture data and reduce errors from manual processes, and increase financial security by leveraging e-payment options.

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Strengthen Supplier Relationships

Get your suppliers paid on time using the payment method they prefer.

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Scale for Growth

Allow your current team to keep up with the growing workload and spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on strategic initiatives, without the need for hiring additional resources.

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Reduce Costs

Reduce the hard costs of dealing with paper invoices and payments.

* Please refer to our corporate fact sheet for the latest number of accounting systems integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our suite of accounts payable software is built specifically for growing middle-market companies trying to move beyond inefficient legacy solutions. We offer accounts payable software to various industries that rely on specific accounting systems and ERPs to manage financial operations.

Our solutions combine software and services to convert invoices into digital formats, organize the invoices within the system, route them for approvals and issues payments to suppliers once invoices are approved.

No, our solutions do not replace your legacy accounting system or ERP. We’ve created hundreds of integrations between our AP automation software and widely used accounting systems, meaning your current system can remain intact while streamlining your existing processes. 

Our solutions are user-friendly, flexible and implemented through a superior customer onboarding process that takes as little as six weeks to get you up and running.

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"We always know where invoices are and whose virtual desk they’re sitting on..."

Shanna Williams

AP Manager, RXR Realty


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