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Customer Support

  • Do you have questions about your product or service?
  • Are you looking for a specific report, or have a question from a supplier you're trying to answer?

Supplier Support

  • Do you have questions about your payment status?
  • Are you trying to get setup for electronic invoicing?

Sales Support

  • Would you like to see a demo of our software?
  • Would you like to learn more about how AP automation can help your business?
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Careers Support

  • Looking for open positions?
  • Wonder what it's like to work at AvidXchange?
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AvidXchange Headquarters

Corporate HQ
1210 AvidXchange Lane
Charlotte, NC 28206

Music Factory Location
817 Hamilton Street
Charlotte, NC 28206

T: 800.560.9305

Press Contact: Chelcee Coffman
General Inquiries:

AvidXchange (Previously EnergySolve)

Somerset, NJ Location
One Executive Drive, Suite 401
Somerset, NJ 08873

T: 732.748.4271
F: 732.748.9640

AvidXchange (Previously Piracle)

Salt Lake City, UT Location
111 E. Sego Lily Drive, Suite 300
Sandy, Utah 84070

T: 801.322.5222
F: 801.532.6700

AvidXchange (Previously Strongroom)

Houston, TX Location
2100 Travis Street, Suite 300
Houston, Texas 77002

AvidXchange (Previously Ariett)

Pembroke, MA Location
33 Riverside Drive, Suite 100
Pembroke, MA 02359

T: 781.826.1120

We're Fanatical About Customer Success

Our customer support team is in-house, and they are well-versed on you–our user. Our support team knows our software and services inside and out, and they can help you to find that report that you’re looking for or see why that supplier hasn’t processed that payment yet. You have questions, and we have answers.