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Flexible AP And Payment Solutions Integrated with Rent Manager

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Rent Manager Accounts Payable Automation

We’ve proudly partnered with LCS, developer of the property manager software, Rent Manager®, with the goal of delivering a faster, simpler, and more secure method of processing invoices and e-payments. By integrating Rent Manager Online with our AP solutions, users have the freedom to explore a fully automated AP and payment experience, streamlining the invoice capture, approval workflow, and bill payment process.

Integration takes no time at all as thousands of payments can be transferred from Rent Manager Online to AvidPay within seconds. When it comes to invoices, AvidXchange tracks them electronically, simplifying and enforcing approvals—allowing for anytime, anywhere access to invoice data.     

Rent Manager
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What Can AvidSuite for Rent Manager Do for Your Business?

Eliminate Paper

AP automation for Rent Manager puts a stop to endless stacks of paper with electronic invoices and payments, saving you both time and money.

Send Fast, Secure Payments

Automated invoicing and payments mean suppliers get paid with less risk thanks to added security and anytime, anywhere visibility.

Gain Control

From purchase order to invoice to payment, gain greater control over your AP workflow including setting permissions and enforcing your business rules.

Benefits of Automating Your AP with AvidXchange

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Reduce Costs

Reduce the hard costs of dealing with paper invoices and payments.

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Increase Efficiency

Review, code and approve payments with a few clicks.

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Maintain Control

Keep or create custom workflows to ensure your data is accurate.

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Scale for Growth

Allow your current team to keep up with a growing workload.

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Reduce Risk

Increase financial security by leveraging e-payment options.

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Improve Relationships

Get your suppliers paid on time using the method they prefer.

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Work Remotely

Our cloud based platform allows for 24-7 online access.

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Increase Visibility

Online records make reporting and auditing a breeze.

Open Quotes
I am saving roughly one week per month by using AvidXchange and able to focus on the other aspects of my job. Now I push one button and the payment is processed and off to the vendor.
- Maggie J., Office Manager at Ridgeline Construction
AvidXchange does the heavy lifting for you... The time savings from check cutting alone is close to two to three hours a week. I can’t even begin to put a number on total time savings from all of the manual tasks.
- Kristara Santos, Lead Property Accountant for Union Property Capital
By far the best thing — the most time savings, the most bang for its buck — is the approval system. It’s a relief to be able to build in an approvals workflow based on our policy, and to know that you’re following protocol automatically, because it’s built into the system.
- Terri Vroom, Controller at First Citizens Federal Credit Union
It does everything you want; it drives operational efficiencies by doing things electronically, frees up peoples' time to do other things like not having to sort, and file invoices, not to mention it’s a green initiative ─ you can't beat it!.”
- Brett Goldman, CFO and Principle, Murray Hills Properties

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