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Leadership Team

This page showcases our Executive Team and our Board Members. (We didn't subject our Board Members to taking goofy pictures.)

Michael Praeger

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, & Board Member

Steve Boehm

Chief Operating Officer

Joel Wilhite

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Stahl

General Counsel, SVP

Heather Caudill

SVP of Relationship Management

Tim Johnson

SVP of Operations and Professional Services

Chris Tinsley

Chief Technology Officer

Todd Cunningham

SVP of Human Capital & Talent Management

Tom Spencer

SVP of Sales

Mike Bates

SVP of Strategy and Product Offerings

Red Maxwell

Chief Marketing Officer

Serdar Dincaslan

SVP of Supplier Financing Offerings

Jay Plueger

SVP of Strategic Initiatives and Corporate Development

Colleen Taylor

Board Member

Nicholas Westphal

Board Member

Nigel Morris

Board Member

Matt Harris

Board Member

Brad Feld

Board Member

Jim Hausman

Board Member

Steve McLaughlin

Board Member

Hans Morris

Board Member