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Chris Elmore sitting at the podcast desk with a microphone.

Net 30 Podcast

“Net 30” is a podcast series from AvidXchange that offers a detailed look at the problems and solutions impacting the careers of finance professionals with a focus on AP automation’s role.

Host Chris Elmore, Chief Evangelist at AvidXchange, meets with industry leaders to unpack problems and solutions and discuss innovations that are impacting finance professionals.

Latest Episode

Effectively managing busy times of the year is crucial for accounting professionals to ensure timely payments, maintain accurate records and avoid costly errors.

By planning ahead, prioritizing tasks and utilizing technology, accounts payable (AP) pros can navigate peak periods efficiently and maintain a smooth workflow throughout the year.

In this episode, AvidXchange’s host Chris Elmore and guest Chris Perry, account executive, real estate at AvidXchange and a former controller, discuss how to prepare for:

This Season on Net 30

Back to the Basics of Accounts Payable (AP)

Wondering, “What is AP automation?” Need an AP Automation 101 course? You’ve come to the right place. In this episode we’re going back to basics, explaining what AP automation is, how it differs from manual AP processes and what benefits AP departments can expect from automating.

AI 301: Debunking Common Misconceptions about AI in Accounts Payable (AP)

In our final installment of our AI podcast series, we debunk some of the common misconceptions about AI based on AvidXchange’s “2024 Trends” survey of 500 finance executives at middle market companies conducted in September 2023. We also dive into how AI is transforming AP processes.

AI 201: The State of AI in Finance Departments

In this episode, we’ll dive a little bit deeper and talk about the state of AI in finance teams based on AvidXchange’s “2024 Trends” survey. Chris Elmore discussed the following topics with guest David Tareen, senior director of product marketing at AvidXchange: Whether finance pros are embracing AI, the most popular AI use cases within finance departments, and how organizations are supporting staff through the AI revolution.

AI 101: The Fundamentals for Accounts Payable Professionals

AI is a powerful technology that can help finance departments create efficiencies and streamline processes. But before we get too far into the details of AI, let’s talk about the fundamentals of AI. In this episode, Chris Elmore discussed the following topics with guest David Tareen, senior director of product marketing at AvidXchange: The different types of AI tools, the different use cases within finance and AP teams, and the potential hesitations surrounding AI and factors to consider within your organization.

What AP Professionals Want out of Their Careers

Accounts payable (AP) is a challenging job that demands professionals to juggle numerous tasks simultaneously, from data entry to account reconciliation to monthly reporting. In this episode, Chris Elmore discussed the results of the IOFM AP Career Satisfaction Survey with Jeanne Dion of SAP Concur. With decades of AP experience between the two, they shared insights and anecdotes about the importance of, and challenges faced in the AP role.

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