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AvidXchange helps your customers speed up the way they review and approve invoices. This means you can get paid on time for the work you’ve already done.

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Welcome to AvidXchange

When your customer partners with AvidXchange to automate their accounts payable process, you instantly become a part of the AvidPay Network. We’re one of the largest B2B payment networks for mid-market companies with over 700,000 suppliers paid through the AvidPay Network in over the last five years and growing.

As part of the AvidPay Network, you’ll have access to a dedicated team at AvidXchange who is 100% focused on facilitating payments. With thousands of payments being processed every day, you can rest assured knowing that your funds will be delivered as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


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You know you’re talking to a person who’s going to work with you to answer your questions.
I have stronger relationships with my customers who use AvidXchange than the ones who don’t.
AvidXchange is awesome! I wish all our customers used this. It’s a great way to keep your accounts receivable records accurate.

Helping You Get Paid Smarter

We offer a variety of payment delivery options tailored to fit your specific business needs. Whether it’s speed, security or seamless transactions that matter most to you, AvidXchange helps you take control of how you get paid.
Get Paid by Mastercard


Mastercard is our most popular, fastest and secure e-payment method.

Fees from your merchant account may apply.
Get Paid with AvidPay Direct

AvidPay Direct

AvidPay Direct is our enhanced Direct Deposit option.

Variable transaction fees will apply.
Get Paid by Check


Paper checks are delivered by First Class USPS.

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The AvidPay Network is One of the Largest B2B Payment Networks for Mid-Market Companies



+700,000 Suppliers Paid Through the AvidPay Network


Payments EACH DAY

+20,000 Payments Processed Every Day



$145B Transactions Processed Annually 

guide - Three Steps Receivables Success

Free Guide: 3 Steps To Streamlining Receivables Success

Cash flow holds the key to sustaining business operations and investing in growth, yet it’s not always an easy task to master. If you’re looking to get paid more promptly, save time and money, gain deeper insights into your business and build stronger relationships with your customers, then download our guide.


Supplier FAQs

Looking for help? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact our Customer Care team by phone at 704-971-8170 or visit

Who should I contact for help with a payment? AvidXchange or my customer?

Our Customer Care team can help you with questions regarding payments and how to update your contact or bank account information. You can reach us at 704-971-8170 or visit to get connected to one of our teammates via email. If you have questions regarding invoice status, change of address or change in payment terms, please contact your customer.

Why did my customer partner with AvidXchange?

Companies across the U.S. partner with AvidXchange to automate their accounts payable and payment process. Automating AP with AvidXchange creates a more efficient process for paying bills and ensures suppliers are paid on time, every time.

How do I submit an invoice?

You should submit invoices as instructed by your customer: via email or to their dedicated P.O. box. If you’re emailing an invoice, keep in mind that only one invoice per PDF with a maximum size of 5 MB should be sent. You may include multiple attachments with each email.

My customer approved an invoice, but I haven’t received the payment. Where’s my money?

Your customer has complete control of their cashflow. When they approve your invoice for payment, your payment will be sent by way of your preferred payment method.

How do I process a Mastercard payment?

Simply process the payment just like any standard credit card taken over the phone. Keep in mind that the card will expire after 10 days and that any discrepancies in the amount entered into your POS system can cause the card to be declined. If the payment amount sent to you is incorrect, please contact our Customer Care team at 704-971-8170 or visit us at to get connected to one of our teammates via email.

How do I update my preferred payment method?

Visit, select ‘Payment question’ and then ‘Change my payment method’ from the dropdown menus.

How do I access Cashflow Manager?

Visit to access your Cashflow Manager account. You can also accelerate eligible invoices within the Cashflow Manager portal using Invoice Accelerator.