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Supplier Solutions Center

AvidXchange has more than 500,000 suppliers in our network. We are committed to creating a great experience for you.

Check out this short video to learn more about the supplier offerings available for you!

Electronic Invoicing Benefits

  • Get Invoices to Customers Faster
  • Don’t Worry About Invoices Getting Lost in the Mail
  • Submit Invoices Securely via Dedicated Email

Electronic Payments Benefits

  • Get Paid Faster than Paper Check
  • Take Advantage of Best-in-Class Payment Offerings with Enhanced ACH payments and Virtual Card payments
  • Reduce Fraud Associated with Paper Checks

AvidXchange Cashflow Manager™

  • Increase Visibility with 24/7 Access to Invoice and Payment Details and Status
  • Decrease Research Time with Access to a Portal with Easy Navigation
  • Take Advantage of Payment Advancement Offerings on Approved Invoices

I receive payments much faster with AvidXchange. I also like the fact that I get a notification after I submit a bill, because it gives me peace of mind that the bill has been received. My job is also much easier because I can use the supplier portal to access invoice and payment data that I need. This has saved me so much time by not having to make phone calls or write emails to get this information.

Virginia Wilson
Virginia's Cleaning Service