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Supplier Solutions Center

AvidXchange has more than 300,000 suppliers in our network.
We are committed to creating a great experience for you.

Check Out This Video To Learn More About the Supplier Services Team and the Offerings Available for You:


Key Benefits of Being a Supplier in Our Network:                    supplier-image

  • Receive Payments Faster with Electronic Payment Methods
  • Increase Visibility with 24/7 Access to Invoice and Payment Details and Status with AvidXchange Cashflow Manager™
  • Decrease Research Time with Access to a Portal with Easy Navigation
  • Increased Payment Security with Positive Pay and Optimized Electronic Payment Methods
  • Rich Remittance Detail Available for All Payments for Easy Reconciliation
  • Service Teams to Deliver a Very Supported Experience

Learn More About AvidXchange Cashflow Manager

In a recent interview we asked a supplier in our network, Virginia Wilson from Virginia’s Cleaning Service, how the payment process was with AvidXchange compared to customers that don’t use AvidXchange and this is what she had to say…

“I receive payments much faster with AvidXchange. I also like the fact that I get a notification after I submit a bill, because it gives me peace of mind that the bill has been received. My job easier is also much easier, because I can use the supplier portal to access invoice and payment data that I need. This has saved me so much time by not having to make phone calls or write emails to get this information.”

Supplier Offerings Available When You Are Part of the Network:

  • Electronic Invoicing
    • Submit Invoices to Your Customers Electronically
  • Electronic Payments
    • Receive Payments from Your Customers Electronically (Enhanced ACH and Virtual Card Options Available)
  • AvidXchange Cashflow Manager™
    • Access Invoice and Payment Information and Status for Improved Cash Management and Visibility


Learn More AvidXchange Cashflow Manager