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AvidXchange: How to Check Invoice and Payment Status

April 11, 2024
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If your customer uses AvidXchange for invoice and/or payment processing, you can easily and quickly check the status of that transaction on our website. Read on for more details.

How Do I Check the Status of an Invoice or Payment with AvidXchange?

There are three ways to check an invoice or payment status with AvidXchange:

1. AvidXchange Status Lookup Tool

•  Visit
•  Enter the invoice number, invoice date and invoice amount.
•  Click “Search.”

2. AvidXchange Supplier Hub

If you’re enrolled in the AvidXchange Supplier Hub, you can check an invoice or payment status by logging in to the Supplier Hub and viewing the page for either invoices or payments. The status is displayed on each summary page and additional details are available if you select a transaction.

3. Live Chat

•  Visit and click the “Live Chat” icon in the bottom right corner.
•  Under “What brings you here today?” select “Invoice and Payment Status Inquiry.”
•  The chat will send you to the AvidXchange Status Lookup Tool.

How Do I Track an Invoice Payment with AvidXchange?

You can use the Status Lookup Tool on the AvidXchange website to check transaction statuses an unlimited number of times each day. However, if you experience three failed lookup attempts (the invoice is not found), you will not be able to use the search again until midnight Eastern Time.

If you require real-time invoice status updates, we recommend you join the AvidXchange Supplier Hub. With this tool, you can also set email notifications for regular invoice and payment status updates.

What Do the Invoice and Payment Statuses Mean with AvidXchange?

When you use the AvidXchange Status Lookup Tool or check invoice or payment status within the AvidXchange Supplier Hub, you will be able to view the most recent status of your invoice. This may include:

Received: Your customer has received the invoice but has not yet approved it.

Pending approval: The invoice has been entered into your customer’s approval workflow but it has not yet been approved.

Approved: Your invoice has been approved by your customer and payment is forthcoming.

Sent: Payment has been distributed.

Available: This applies to payments being sent via a virtual credit card. The virtual credit card has been created and/or sent but has not been swiped for processing.

Authorized: This applies to payments being sent via a virtual credit card. The virtual credit card has been swiped for processing but the transaction hasn’t posted.

Paid: Your business has received and cleared payment.

Exception: The invoice or payment has an issue that may require further review. You need to contact your customer for more information.

How Can I Get More Information on Invoice and/or Payment Status with AvidXchange?

By joining the AvidXchange Supplier Hub, you can find more information about invoice and payment status. In the Supplier Hub, you’ll be able to see real-time status information, including:

•  Invoice and payment details
•  Historical invoice and payment data
•  Mastercard details for processing (if relevant)

The AvidXchange Supplier Hub has file export capabilities for easier reconciliation. Also, you can set e-mail notifications for regular status updates if desired.

Can I Look Up More Than One Invoice at a Time?

Using the AvidXchange invoice status lookup tool, you cannot search for more than one invoice at a time.

The AvidXchange Supplier Hub has summary pages dedicated to all your invoices and payments in the AvidPay Network.

Why Can’t I Find the Status of My AvidXchange Payment or Invoice When Using My Invoice Number, Date and Amount?

The AvidXchange Status Lookup Tool requires exact invoice information. It is character- and case-sensitive.

Depending on the AvidXchange solution your customer uses, you may not be able to search for invoice status using this tool. You may need to reach out to your customer directly for invoice status and payment details or to check on the status of invoices and payments outside of the AvidPay Network.

If you still require assistance looking up the status of an invoice or payment in the AvidPay Network, please reach out to our Supplier Care team or use the “Live Chat” feature in the bottom right corner of the AvidXchange website.

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