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Lay the foundation for your back office with invoice automation and document management.

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Invoice automation solution

TimberScan streamlines the accounts payable process and provides exceptional reporting capabilities – helping you make well-informed, timely decisions. TimberScan automates any document with workflow, approval and field-level security. Easy to use and quick to navigate, TimberScan dramatically improves accounts payable processing and provides exceptional enterprise content management. Key features include:

Power your business with AP automation

Automate every aspect of the accounts payable process including data entry, approvals and reporting with TimberScan.

Reduce Manual Data Entry

Acquiring invoices and documentation is simple with TimberScan. The intuitive Email Monitoring feature extracts attachments sent to designated inboxes and saves them to your TimberScan database, automatically. Use drag and drop or scanning to acquire supporting documents, too.

Accelerate the AP Process

By automating workflows, most TimberScan clients experience an accelerated AP approval process of 50% or more. TimberScan also saves money on paper, toner, storage, express mail fees and other costs traditionally associated with accounts payable processing.

Integrate Systems

TimberScan has strong integrations with Sage 300 CRE, one of the the construction industry’s leading ERP systems, among other systems. These integrations enables access to real time data, create seamless user experiences, and reduce redundant work for accounts payable professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

TimberScan integrates seamlessly with Sage 300 CRE, ensuring automatic data flow and up-to-date master file information. Its interface mirrors the accounts payable invoice entry experience in Sage 300 CRE, complete with alerts and 'budget versus actual' displays. Lien waiver records are automatically updated, and budget information can be extracted from commitments and jobs. Additionally, TimberScan offers credit card reconciliation, enhanced OCR (cloud-capture), lien waiver management and other features to improve efficiency and provide better visibility into financial data.

TimberScan with embedded pay can be implemented within 60-90 days, with Sage 300 CRE accounting system serving as the central requirement.

TimberScan offers flexible reporting within a customizable dashboard that includes user analytics, job costing reports and substantiated billing reports. With the ability to generate reports and maintain 24/7 visibility into payment status, construction companies can gain valuable insights to make more informed decisions and better manage cash flow. Automatic routing rules in TimberScan are easily defined and modified, allowing every action on invoices and lien waivers to be tracked with a detailed audit trail for users in the workflow process.

TimberScan simplifies the AP approval process and enables auditing and tracking of invoices through automatic routing to the appropriate approvers based on various criteria, such as role, vendor, job, commitment, and more, while also supporting multiple approval levels, user-defined dollar thresholds, and the ability to split invoices and route them to different approvers based on different jobs.

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"I am saving roughly one week per month by using AvidXchange and able to focus on the other aspects of my job. Now I push one button and the payment is processed and off to the vendor."

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