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Invoice Management Software

AI-powered invoice automation software with anytime, anywhere visibility.

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Invoice automation solution

AvidInvoice automated invoice processing software is our web-based, paperless invoice management platform built to improve the way B2B companies manage invoices. Streamline your entire invoice process with:

Power your business with invoice automation

Reduce inefficiencies while maintaining control and staying organized thanks to paperless invoices and custom processes.

Go Paperless

Save time and paper with the ability to receive, track and approve invoices digitally. In addition to reducing the cost of managing paper invoices, an entirely digital platform increases efficiency while reducing fraud and potential errors.

Design Processes and Workflows

Drop your manual processes without missing a step thanks to a custom approval process and workflows designed to suit your business needs.

Your invoices can be automatically coded, assigned to the proper workflow and routed electronically for approval – keeping your finances circulating without interruption.

Gain Anytime, Anywhere Visibility

Keep an eye on your invoice statuses regardless of time or place with real-time reporting. Check accounts, growth and performance on any device, offering the visibility and freedom to make updates on the go.

Make data-driven decisions with AvidAnalytics, our embedded business intelligence solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make it simple. Paper invoices are either scanned into an electronic format or electronically submitted directly into the software—via email or P.O. Box. Our full-service solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract critical data quickly and accurately, with our indexing specialists available for an additional validation layer.

AvidInvoice is flexibly designed to meet your business needs. You can easily track and manage approvals without the inefficiencies and paper—wherever you are and from any device.

Yes. AvidInvoice supports 2-way (PO and Invoice) and 3-way matching (PO, Invoice and Receipt).

Invoice automation uses technology and software to streamline and automate the invoice management process. By removing manual, paper-based tasks, businesses can digitize their invoice data along with the associated management process. This automation improves the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of invoice processing. 

Key features of invoice automation include digital (rather than paper) invoices, automated invoice approval workflows, anytime/anywhere visibility, convenient e-payment options, and seamless integration with accounting systems. 

Businesses typically spend up to 70 percent less time using AP automation instead of manual processes, Goldman Sachs reports. These companies speed up invoice approvals from approximately 10 days to three days. Read more...

Automated invoice processing software consists of a set of coded instructions for processing invoices. The software follows rules and conditions for how to proceed with invoice automation.

For example, your company may have a rule that any invoice over $1,000 has to be approved by the CEO. The software automatically notifies that CEO about the need to approve an invoice.

Automated invoicing software can follow another rule that your company only wants specific employees to be able to see invoice information. If so, the software follows that rule and only sends the invoices to those specific people. Read more...

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"We always know where invoices are and whose virtual desk they’re sitting on..."

Shanna Williams

AP Manager, RXR Realty


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