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How to Use AI in the Finance Department

Our podcast features a discussion on best practices, common challenges and tips for implementing AI in the finance department.

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8 Ways to Use AI in Financial Services  

Learn the top ways businesses are using AI in financial services to improve efficiency and adapt to dynamic market conditions.

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9 AI Applications in Construction

Many construction businesses are finding value in AI-powered accounts payable (AP) automation software that improves efficiency and reduces errors.

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AI in Accounts Payable: Can a Computer Do My Job? 

Experts have identified many use cases for AI in AP and other finance and accounting functions, noting that the technology is particularly well-suited to these data-centric departments. But can it do the job of a human?

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AI for Media: 7 Powerful Applications

Learn the ways media agencies are applying AI-powered tools to build a competitive edge.

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AI in Nonprofits: 8 Use Cases

To cut costs while maintaining their impact, many nonprofits are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) for help.

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8 Ways to Use AI for Community Association Management 

Learn how professionals are using AI to lessen administrative burdens in community association management.

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Are AP Pros Happy at Work? The Answer Might Surprise You 

This episode of our “Net 30” podcast unpacks the correlation between automated AP departments and employee satisfaction.

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AI in Real Estate: 10 Helpful Applications

Learn about the most popular use cases for AI in real estate and the different ways they can positively impact your business.

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Real-Time Payments and FedNow: What You Need to Know 

As businesses plan for the year ahead, many are prioritizing real-time payments and adopting emerging platforms like FedNow.

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3 Workplace Trends Finance Departments Can’t Ignore 

Our Net 30 podcast focuses on the top trends in finance departments in 2024. These include AI, data analytics and hybrid work.

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What is the 3-Way Matching Process in Accounts Payable?

3-way matching helps AP departments reduce fraud and processing errors.

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