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Future-Proofing the Office of the CFO: A Conversation with Alpana Wegner, CFO at Benefitfocus

I understand it’s getting tiresome to continue talking about the global pandemic we’ve all lived through over the last two …

Payment processing

Straight Through Processing: How STP & Automated Payments Help Drive Growth for Business Owners

As a business owner, you likely experience some headaches when it comes to managing payments and cash flow. Luckily, Straight …

REVx panel

Top-Performing CFOs Are Worried about Finding the Right Talent and Technology as Finance Jobs Evolve, Surveys Show

Finance jobs are changing and CFOs know it. How are they tackling talent and technology in 2022 as employees demand flexibility?

No-Cost AvidPay for Rent Manager

FAQ: AvidXchange Partnership with Rent Manager Offers Users No-Cost AvidPay

AvidXchange and Rent Manager have partnered since 2014 to help real estate organizations improve control and increase efficiency within their …

Vendor payments & AP Automation

Vendor Payments & AP Automation: 5 Unacceptable Myths Holding You Back from Faster, More Reliable B2B Payments

You may have noticed several new methods for vendor payments in your role as a business owner. Your customers might …

Tips to Optimize Your Order to Cash (O2C) Process Flow & Cycle

In business, order to cash (O2C) encompasses the processes used to get paid from a customer order. This can seem …

casually dressed male typing on laptop with floating email graphics

ACH vs Wire Transfer – What’s the Difference?

A common topic we receive a lot of questions about is related to ACH transfers vs wire transfers. Today both …

Industrial warehousing woman

Middle Market Data Uncovers Prevalent Industrial Warehousing Trend

While the pandemic changed a number of industries in profound and unprecedented ways, you’d be hard-pressed to find an industry more radically transformed …

Electronic payment systems

HOA Management Group, AP Manager Both Grow Using Automation

For years, accounts payable (AP) automation wasn’t a consideration for Agynbyte LLC, a leading community association management company based in …

Financial services trends man

Financial Services Trends: 6 Reasons Why Accounts Payable Will Change in 2022

Banks’ accounts payable (AP) departments are starting to look a lot different. The pandemic kick-started a long-overdue modernization of age-old …

Media industry trends

Media Industry Trends: 5 Widespread Shifts Shaping Accounts Payable

The advertising industry was hit hard by the pandemic, down more than $20 billion in 2020, according to Statista. After …

Real estate trends 2022

Real Estate Trends: 7 Accounts Payable Movements to Track in 2022

The pandemic fundamentally shook accounts payable (AP) departments in real estate — forcing remote work and, in turn, accelerating the …

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