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man in construction hat with a tablet

9 AI Applications in Construction

Many construction businesses are finding value in AI-powered accounts payable (AP) automation software that improves efficiency and reduces errors.

Construction workers with hard hats looking at a tablet

Construction Industry Trends for 2024

We discuss a few of the top issues facing construction businesses today supported by data from our 2024 Trends Survey.

man and woman laughing near couch at build-to-rent home

Examining the Build-to-Rent Phenomenon 

Build-to-rent (BTR) is a hot topic in real estate today. This piece recaps our recent webinar on the industry impacts of BTR.

man working at laptop

Building Digital Skills for Construction Finance Staff 

Upskilling programs are one of the most compelling ways to bridge the digital skills gap in construction.

Raw materials being prepared for construction

Construction Finance Leaders’ Playbook to Win the Talent Battle

Retaining talent and driving employee engagement in the construction industry is more important than ever.

Construction Industry Challenges 2023

PODCAST: How to Overcome Industry Challenges with Welsh Construction CFO Allen Overturf

The construction industry’s been one of the hardest pressed in recent years. From a lack of skilled labor to supply …

Construction Navigating a Recession

How AP Automation Can Help Construction Firms Prepare for a Potential Recession

Navigating economic uncertainty is challenging, especially as the construction industry is still adjusting to a new normal from previous downturns. …

construction site with crane

How to Increase Productivity Without Increasing Headcount

The construction industry has the potential to boost its value by an impressive $1.6 trillion, but companies also face mounting …

Construction Staffing Challenges

How to Offset the Construction Staffing Challenges with AP Automation  

By the end of 2025, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will have created 461,000 new construction jobs. That’s an …

Construction industry trends 2022

Construction Industry Trends: 5 Game-Changing Shifts for Accounts Payable in 2022

Coming off a tumultuous year, the construction industry faces continued pressures, yet the outlook for 2022 is positive. The industry …

Construction industry 2022

Construction Industry Challenges & Opportunities in 2022

Using industry reports and data insights, we want to help you take advantage of the opportunities — and overcome the …

construction industry opportunities

How to Untangle the Construction Industry’s Payment Problems

Finance departments for construction companies often run into maddening obstacles when manually processing invoices and payments. Synchronizing mounds of information and …

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