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9 AI Applications in Construction

January 16, 2024
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the construction industry, bringing positive impacts to areas like administration, logistics and project management to name a few. AI applications in construction are delivering better overall outcomes for projects, helping businesses save money and build efficient processes.  

Consider the following AI applications in construction if you’re ready to harness its power within your organization.  

1. Predictive Maintenance

AI can build predictive maintenance schedules for equipment by analyzing data to forecast when machinery is due for a check-up and potential repair. This minimizes equipment downtime and associated costs, preventing unexpected breakdowns.  

2. Design

Tools powered by AI can generate design options based on entered parameters, giving engineers and architects access to ideas and inspiration. Building information modeling software delivers more accurate and detailed 3D modeling, which reduces errors and miscommunication as designs become reality.  

3. Project Management

AI can help keep projects on track by optimizing scheduling and using data to allocate resources effectively. Tools can take weather, materials availability and budgets into account to ensure projects keep moving and staff make the most of their time. 

4. Quality Checks

AI-powered robots and drones can inspect and identify construction defects, ensuring that structures meet quality standards. Additionally, AI can analyze non-destructive testing data to home in on structural weaknesses in buildings.  

5. Supply Chain Management

AI applications in construction enable smarter and more efficient supply chain management. They can analyze historical and real-time data to predict the demand for materials, equipment and labor to optimize procurement and delivery.  

AI tools can also monitor and track inventory and location of materials and equipment, proactively alerting managers of shortages or delays. 

6. Safety and Security

Cameras and drones powered by AI can monitor construction sites in real time, detecting safety violations, hazards and unauthorized personnel. Smart helmets and vests equipped with wearable AI sensors can monitor workers’ health and alert supervisors to potential issues or hazardous conditions.  

7. Data Analytics

AI tools can analyze large datasets to extract insights like trends in project completion length and spending patterns. Construction companies can use this information to help make decisions that positively impact the business.  

Data analysis tools can also help construction companies more accurately estimate project costs and timelines, which is important for managing client expectations and budgets.  

8. Smart Home Features

The demand from consumers and commercial clients for smart devices is increasing exponentially. Construction businesses are implementing smart home features that include AI sensors in new builds and renovations.  

Some examples include HVAC equipment that automatically adjusts when homeowners leave for and return from work to conserve energy, and lighting systems that turn on automatically when the home becomes dark.   

9. Back Office Automation

Construction back offices often struggle to process high volumes of invoices through complex approval workflows. Many construction businesses are finding value in AI-powered accounts payable (AP) automation software that improves efficiency and reduces errors.  

AI can extract and validate invoice data, reducing the need for manual entry and increasing the accuracy and speed of invoice processing. Tools can also automate invoice matching and flag any anomalies for further review.  

AI can help AP software route invoices to the appropriate approvers based on predefined rules and workflows and send reminders and notifications to expedite the approval process. This reduces the cycle time and cost of invoice processing. Plus, it enables construction businesses to capture early payment discounts and optimize their working capital. 

To learn more about how organizations are leveraging AI applications in finance, download our free report, “The Ultimate Guide to AI in Finance.” 

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