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Data and analytics in accounts payable

The Evolution of Data and Analytics in Accounts Payable

Data analytics is an important and evolving piece of the accounts payable (AP) process.

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What’s New in the Media Industry for 2024 

Our podcast discusses what’s new in the media industry for 2024, including ad spending predictions and requests for extended payment terms.

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Time Management Tips for Accounting and Finance Professionals  

Our time management tips for accounting and finance professionals include leveraging technology to help navigate busy times.

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AP Automation 101: Going Back to Basics 

Wondering, “What is AP automation?” This article explains what AP automation is and what its benefits are compared to manual processes.

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Ways to Use AI in Accounting and Finance 

We share tips on how to use AI in accounting and finance, as discussed on a recent “Net 30” podcast episode.

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How to Use AI in the Finance Department

Our podcast features a discussion on best practices, common challenges and tips for implementing AI in the finance department.

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AI in Accounts Payable: Can a Computer Do My Job? 

Experts have identified many use cases for AI in AP and other finance and accounting functions, noting that the technology is particularly well-suited to these data-centric departments. But can it do the job of a human?

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Are AP Pros Happy at Work? The Answer Might Surprise You 

This episode of our “Net 30” podcast unpacks the correlation between automated AP departments and employee satisfaction.

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3 Workplace Trends Finance Departments Can’t Ignore 

Our Net 30 podcast focuses on the top trends in finance departments in 2024. These include AI, data analytics and hybrid work.

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Small Business Invoice Factoring: What You Need to Know 

Invoice factoring is an accessible method of financing that lets businesses borrow against outstanding invoices. In a recent episode of our Net 30 podcast, we discussed the pros and cons of this funding approach with industry experts. Learn about whether invoice factoring is right for your small business and read more about AvidXchange’s Invoice Accelerator solution.

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AP Experts Discuss the Advantages of Digital Upskilling

In the latest episode of our “Net 30” podcast, host Chris Elmore and Rhonda Greene discussed the digital skills gap in many AP departments.

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Survey Reveals Top Community Association Manager Challenges

Leaders from AvidXchange and Vantaca discuss survey findings on community association manager challenges in a recent episode of the AvidXchange podcast.

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