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Media Staffing Challenges

Technology Solutions for a Short-Staffed Media Industry Dealing With an Increase in Work

Despite the economic downturn, the media industry remains red hot and is expected to see another stellar, record-breaking year.   As …

Real Estate Staffing Challenges

How the Commercial Real Estate Industry Can Respond to Staffing Shortages

As the commercial real estate (CRE) industry bounces back from the pandemic, a new set of challenges rears its head.   …

B2B payments technology

How to Reduce B2B Late Payments

As a finance professional you may be aware of one of the industry’s biggest problems: late payments.   The costs of …

How to prevent inaccurate payments

B2B Payment Challenges: Inaccurate Payments

At the start of 2020, two owners of a Florida property management company, Tracy and John, grappled with inaccurate payments. …

Finance leader working from home

You Can Boost Your Business Now Using This Accounts Payable Playbook

Despite everything that’s gone on in recent years – and you don’t need to be reminded – you have many …

Beginner's guide to APIs

A Beginner’s Guide to APIs for Finance Pros 

Machine learning, 3-way matching and robotics process automation are powerful technologies in the finance industry. But there’s another powerful technology …

row of file folders

4 Ways AP Automation Can Help Accounting Teams During Year-End Close

With more than 20 years of accounts payable (AP) experience in various roles, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transition from paper-based …

row of houses with arrow pointing up

Grow Your Real Estate Company: What to Consider With AP Automation

The real estate industry has evolved beyond maintaining portfolios and properties. Associations and property management organizations are focused on growth …

Main pointing to computer screen

Breaking Down the Time-Saving Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

One of the biggest benefits of accounts payable automation is its ability to save your team time. In fact, Goldman …

Financial services industry

Financial Services Industry Experiencing Spending Slump, Data Reveals 

New data from our AvidPay Network revealed spending by middle market companies on financial services has slowed during the past …

Screenshot of video call between Mike Praeger and Alpana Wegner.

Future-Proofing the Office of the CFO: A Conversation with Alpana Wegner, CFO at Benefitfocus

I understand it’s getting tiresome to continue talking about the global pandemic we’ve all lived through over the last two …

REVx panel

Top-Performing CFOs Are Worried about Finding the Right Talent and Technology as Finance Jobs Evolve, Surveys Show

Finance jobs are changing and CFOs know it. How are they tackling talent and technology in 2022 as employees demand flexibility?

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