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Our Clients AvidXchange!

  • “AvidXchange has proven itself as a leader, and NTS is proud to be affiliated with your company.”

    David B. Pitchford | Vice President & Treasurer NTS Development Company
  • “Our carpel tunnel syndrome is gone! Thanks to AvidXchange our AP team no longer functions as keypunch operators, but rather as a team that is able to perform more analytical functions, which is a much better use of their time and talents!”

    Stacey Watson | Controller Community Trust Bank
  • “You can't even assign a value to the efficiency, but it's worth a lot more than our monetary savings of $72,000 a year. Now that I have all of the information that I need right at my fingertips, I can focus on cash forecasting and scheduling payments for ideal cash management.”

    Cameron (Chip) Vaughan | Vice President & Chief Financial Officer The Wilton Companies

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