The Guide for Selling Automation to Your CFO

eBook Cover: The Guide for Selling Automation to Your CFO (Resources)

What's Inside

If you’re an AP manager, you’ve probably already heard a lot about automation. You’ve seen the news articles, perhaps you’ve done some of your own research, or maybe you know of a competitor or colleague in the industry who has already embraced AP automation.

What happens when you have the automation revelation? It’s usually not as simple as flipping a switch and automating (although we do stand behind our 45-day implementation guarantee). Before you can even think about implementing an automated AP solution, there is usually one person who must sign off on it: your CFO.


No matter how much of a no-brainer AP automation is for you, its myriad benefits are all for naught if you are unable to communicate them to your CFO, who will likely be giving the final say as to whether your company will automate its accounts payable department.

That’s why we have put together this guide of resources to better aid you in convincing your CFO of the value in AP automation. The Guide to Selling Automation to Your CFO contains information on every aspect of the automated AP process, from invoicing all the way to payment. It is filled with the stats and real-world information your CFO will require before deciding.

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