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A Deep Dive Into Different Types of Solutions and How To Assess Your Potential ROI

What's Inside

Paper checks remain the predominant business-to-business (B2B) payment method more than a century after their invention, but that won’t hold much longer.

Today’s tech-savvy CFOs have a variety of financial technology (fintech) solutions to choose from to help improve the efficiency and security of their financial processes.

But, that’s become a problem of its own, as the growing number of solutions can make it confusing to sort out which will be best for an individual company.

It’s also led to several widespread myths about how to assess the potential return on investment (ROI) from payment solutions. Many providers will point to things like basis points or vendor matches as proof of future returns, but those don’t tell the whole story.

This guide will provide you with a more nuanced understanding of these realities, and a checklist to help you succinctly apply your new learnings to evaluate the best payment automation solution for your business’ unique needs.


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