Acumatica Integrates with AvidXchange

AvidXchange Partner

AvidXchange is an Acumatica-Certified Application

In August 2016, Avidxchange was recognized as an Acumatica-Certified Application (ACA).

Acumatica is a comprehensive, browser-based Cloud ERP solution optimized for ease of use, adaptability, mobility, speed, and security. The ACA title highlights outstanding development partners whose applications have met the highest standards set for Acumatica integration and functionality.

“Customers who want to stay competitive need flexible, responsive technology to execute their long-term business strategies,” said Christian Lindberg, Vice President of Partner Solutions at Acumatica. “Our ACA label is built to help customers find applications capable of delivering that. We’re proud to recognize AvidXchange as an Acumatica-Certified Application. It masterfully utilizes the Acumatica platform to meet customers’ growing business demands.”

Custom Resources for Acumatica Users

5 Signs It’s Time Automate for Acumatica Users eBook

In this eBook, we’ll cover five signs that it’s time to automate your accounts payable process. To download your free copy, click here.

About Acumatica and AvidXchange

AvidXchange is a market leader in AP and Payment Automation services that is experienced in helping Acumatica customers switch to an easier, faster and more secure way to process payables invoices and make electronic payments.

Significantly reduce time and costs spent on processing payables invoices and payments by removing the paper–along with all the errors and clutter that goes along with it. Additionally, AvidXchange offers Acumatica customers a payment solution that assists them in transforming their Payables Department into a profit center through a revolutionary rebate program.

AvidXchange integrations with Acumatica include a 45-day implementation guarantee. This means you’re just 45-days away from removing the paper and enjoying a more efficient payment automation experience.