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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

We had three main objectives in implementing AvidInvoice, first was to develop a scalable AP process; second to eliminate paper; and lastly, as our portfolio grows, we needed "real time" visibility to our outstanding invoices..

Kevin Dillard, Chief Financial Officer The Abbey Company

The Abbey Company
With AvidInvoice, electronic invoices are automatically pre-coded with our property information and sent directly to the right person for approval; this process alone is saving us significant administrative time and costs..

Ginny Carita, Vice President of Property Management Advance Realty Group

Advance Realty Group
AvidInvoice prevents a tremendous amount of manual input and misplaced information..

Richard Ross, Chief Financial Officer Branch Properties

Branch Properties
We have been using AvidInvoice and AvidBuy for more than two years. The benefit of having an electronic source for purchase orders, accounts payable invoices and backup documentation is fully utilized and appreciated by our staff on a daily basis..

Bill Rothwell, Vice President Canderel

Because AvidInvoice tracks where each invoice is in the approval process, we know where the bottlenecks are and we know which managers are slowing down the payment process..

Charmaine Davis-Murray, Director of Property Management Accounting Collier's International

Collier's International PLAY VIDEO
Our carpel tunnel syndrome is gone! Thanks to AvidXchange our AP team no longer functions as keypunch operators, but rather as a team that is able to perform more analytical functions, which is a much better use of their time and talents!.

Stacey Watson, Controller Community Trust Bank

Community Trust Bank
We had two main objectives in implementing AvidInvoice, first to gain real-time visibility to our outstanding invoices and secondly to automate the invoice processing so we can acquire properties without the need to add incremental back office staff..

Tom Rutherford, Chief Financial Officer LBA Realty

LBA Realty
Assessing all AP management solutions in the marketplace, we concluded that partnering with AvidXchange meant a strong commitment in continued product enhancement as well as a top-notch support structure. We were also looking for greater visibility to and easy retrieval of our 90,000 plus annual invoices..

Linda Bona, Vice President and Property Controller NorthMarq

AvidXchange has proven itself as a leader, and NTS is proud to be affiliated with your company. .

David B. Pitchford, Vice President and Treasurer NTS Development Company

NTS Development Company
It really means something when we are told that an idea is good and would benefit all customers, then actually see it implemented, fast. .

Marwan Saidi, Manager, Property Management Systems RFR Realty, LLC

RFR Realty, LLC
We have reduced our annual operating costs by over $430,000 with AvidXchange..

Warren Adair, Vice President of Information Technologies Shea Properties

Shea Properties
AvidInvoice has been the easiest software application and implementation that our team has ever experienced. The integration with our accounting system worked immediately and with little configuration..

John Olson, Chief Information Officer Vedder Community Management

Vedder Community Management