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You're the boss. Manage your cash flow like one.

Get AvidXchange Cashflow Manager™, so you don't have to get on the phone with your customer to find out where your money is.
Our offering is free, and your time isn't... stop wasting it tracking down your cash.

Join the 300,000 suppliers in our network.

Why should you use AvidXchange Cashflow Manager™?

  • Great view! 24/7 Access to the Status of Your Invoices and Payments
  • Details matter! Easily Download Payment Remittance for Each Payment You Receive
  • You’re not Sherlock Holmes! Decrease Research Time on Receivables
  • Hang it up! Reduce Phone Calls to Customers for Invoice and Payment Inquiries
  • Get your money faster! Improve Cash Management with Access to Our Payment Advance Offering, Invoice Accelerator

Check Out This Video to See All of the Benefits of the Network:


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