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Supplier FAQs

1. Who do I alert if I change my banking or contact information?

You can contact AvidXchange at: to update your banking information. If you would like to update your contact information (mailing address, etc.) you should contact your customer directly.

2. Can AvidXchange contact my client for status of unpaid invoices?

AvidXchange provides its clients with products and services to streamline their AP process and execute payments uploaded to our systems.  Invoice approval and payment approval still remains the responsibility of your client.  If you’re awaiting payment for outstanding invoices please contact your client directly for additional information. Additionally, if you have enrolled in AvidXchange Cashflow Manager, then you can see these statuses from within your portal. Please click here to start the enrollment process.

3. Is there a fee associated with using AvidXchange Cashflow Manager?

No, this is a complimentary benefit that is available to suppliers who are part of the AvidPay Network.

4. My invoice has been approved, but my payment hasn’t been issued yet. Why?

Invoice approval and payment approval are separate functions and typically handled by different parties at the client level.  As a result, your invoice could potentially be approved as valid for payment, however the authorization to create and issue payment simply hasn’t been received by AvidXchange.