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Supplier FAQs

Who is AvidXchange?

Founded in the year 2000, AvidXchange transforms the way companies pay their bills. Trusted by more than 5,500 customers throughout North America, AvidXchange is the industry leader in automating invoice and payment processes across the real estate, HOA, construction, and healthcare industries. AvidXchange is distinguished as a global fintech unicorn and one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.S., offering a complete solution designed to help mid-market businesses modernize operations and embrace the future of finance.


Why did my customer partner with AvidXchange?

Companies across the US partner with AvidXchange to automate their accounts payables (AP) process. Automating AP with AvidXchange creates a more efficient process for paying bills and ensures suppliers are paid on time, every time.


How do I submit my invoices?

All invoices should be submitted via email or to your customer’s dedicated PO box. Contact your customer for details.

Email invoices should be sent with one invoice per PDF and with a maximum size of 5 MB. You may include multiple attachments with each email.


What payment methods are available?

AvidXchange offers three payment methods: Virtual card, enhanced ACH, and check. You may select your preferred payment method during the enrollment process. If you need to update your preferred payment method, please contact us at 704-971-8170, Option #1 or supplier@avidxchange.com.


Are there fees associated with these payment methods?

There are no fees from AvidXchange associated with Virtual Card payments or Check payments. There are fees applied for our Enhanced ACH option and those are discussed with you during the enrollment process.


How should I process a Virtual Card payment?

Please follow your standard practice for processing MasterCard payments. Please run the entire card amount in one transaction as soon as you receive the MasterCard information. If there is a discrepancy in the amount of the card please contact our Customer Care team at 704-971-8170, Option #1.


Who should I contact for help, AvidXchange or my customer?

Our Supplier Customer Care team can assist with questions or issues related to:  

  • Information updates such as email address and phone number
  • Updated bank information
  • Check verifications
  • Virtual card verifications
  • Applying payments
  • Validation of Virtual Card email template change

Contact us by phone at 704-971-8170, Option #1 or by email at supplier@avidxchange.com.

Your customer should be contacted with questions or issues related to:

  • Invoice status
  • Change of address
  • Change to payment terms