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The Wilton Companies Case Study

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What's Inside


Under new ownership, and with some fresh capital, the company shifted gears and went into rapid growth mode. The influx of properties in the coming years caused inefficient processes to surface as the company worked to accommodate the growth, and the “autopilot” the company had been on for years would soon send them off course. When Cameron joined the company he saw a lot of very labor-intensive, paper-based, manual processes in their accounts payable department. He was determined to find a solution that could help the company operate more efficiently, and that solution couldn’t come soon enough.

From 2003 – 2008, The Wilton Companies quadrupled in size without adding any AP staff. Their invoice volume increased from 10,000 in 2003 to more than 14,500 in 2008, and the team was completely drowning in their inefficient, paper-based processes. The Wilton Companies had been using SKYLINE as their accounting system since 1992.

In their high growth mode they were adding a new property every 45 days, which was a task unto itself and joined the many others that the overburdened AP team already had. Cameron knew that if he was going to implement a solution to help his team that it would have to integrate with SKYLINE, so that it could remain their system of record. He began to investigate solutions, and when he came across AvidXchange he knew that he’d found just what he was looking for…