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It’s Never Too Late To Automate 2018

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What's Inside

In life, there are times when being late is no bueno. Like arriving at the gate for the last flight out.
Or getting your burrito out of the microwave. But when it comes to automating your invoice and payment processes, it really is never too late.

So, why wait to enjoy all the benefits of going paperless? Instead of facing the day-to-day inefficiency
and hassle of dealing with paper, you could implement a completely automated AP solution to streamline your processes, improve accessibility, and reduce costs.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how a cloud-based AP automation solution can improve audits, month-end
and year-end closing, and the approval process by allowing AP professionals to approve invoices and
payments anytime, anywhere!


According to research by Robert Half, baby boomer retirements are accelerating, and more finance
professionals are leaving the field than are entering it. Having grown up with technology, younger
generations expect to do everything electronically. Therefore, it will be increasingly difficult to attract, and retain, AP professionals that are millennials with outdated, paper processes in place.