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Humphrey Management Case Study

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What's Inside


Before Humphrey Management discovered AvidXchange, they manually processed over 4,500 paper invoices a month, for 70 communities across 6 different companies. They shockingly accomplished all of this with a staff of 4 AP personnel and 1 AP Manager. Over 90% of the paper invoices were sent directly to the communities, and then stamped, signed for approval, and finally sent to corporate for payment.

Sheri McGowan, CFO, commented, “…with paper going back and forth between the offices, it was easy for things to get lost in the mail, and since there were so many steps in the process, approval time-frames were often exceptionally lengthy. Our manual process was so inefficient that our Community Managers would occasionally have to take time out of their hectic schedules to actually drive the invoices to the corporate office in order to get them processed.” Sherri added, “Regional Managers also had to go to the community to approve invoices anytime there was a turnover in staff at one of their properties, which added another task to their overbooked day.”