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Expert Insights: Standout Strategies in a New Business Era

Strategies from industry experts to help companies overcome key challenges
Standout Strategies in a New Business Era

What's Inside

We recently polled more than 500 U.S. middle market businesses and learned 88 percent implemented new technologies in the past year.

But even with the shift to digital, there are still key challenges to overcome like adjusting to a new, hybrid workforce and meeting continuously changing customer needs.

For insight on how to overcome those challenges and grow in 2021, we tapped into our own leaders and industry experts Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad, and Mitch Lowe, co-founding executive of Netflix.

Download our latest report to learn:

  • How businesses can break the mold in their business processes to stand out;
  • How businesses can drive momentum in their corporate diversity and inclusion strategies to engage more employees and grow faster; and
  • How to leverage the power of ideas, creative thinking and problem solving to drive growth and innovation.

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