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AP and Payment Automation Solutions Now Available in Rent Manager via Avidxchange Integration

Chelcee Coffman

Charlotte, NC (June 19, 2014) – AvidXchange, leading provider of AP and payment automation for the midmarket, is pleased to announce their integration with LCS, developer of the property management software, Rent Manager®, and other business-critical technologies. Both companies are very passionate about delivering their customers new ways to be more efficient and effective; building an integration between these two great platforms will create a lot of value for their joint clients, in both time and money saved, as a result of automated AP and payment processes.

Through the integration, Rent Manager Online (RMO) users are able to enjoy a fully automated AP and payment experience that streamlines the invoice capture, invoice approval workflow, and bill payment process. AvidInvoice automates your AP process by tracking invoices electronically, streamlining and enforcing approvals, and providing a central repository for anytime, anywhere access to invoice data. It takes less than a minute to transfer thousands of payments from RMO to AvidPay. For bill payment, clients are able to simply select payments in their Bill Center and facilitate vendor payments using AvidPay—AvidXchange’s business bill payment service—for secure payment execution. It takes less than a minute to transfer thousands of payments from RMO to AvidPay.

“Providing our customers with business-advancing services, like AvidPay, helps us continually enhance their Rent Manager experience and improve their operational efficiency,” said Tony Little, Chief Technology Officer at LCS. “That’s why we pursued the collaboration and are eager to see the benefits it will deliver to our clients.”

AvidPay eliminates the need for 100% of paper checks from companies payment processes, maintains vendor information and identifies vendors’ accepted payment types, and facilitates payments for every invoice, every vendor, and every bank.

“The seamless payment integration that we have with Rent Manager is creating a great experience for our joint clients, and we look forward to the adoption continuing so that more shared clients can not only enjoy the streamlined payment experience, but also capitalize on the ability to turn their AP departments into profit centers with our incentive program,” commented Michael Praeger, CEO and Co-Founder of AvidXchange.

For more information about using AvidPay in Rent Manager Online, contact an AvidXchange sales representative at or 704-971-8128.

About LCS

Incorporated in 1986 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, London Computer Systems (LCS) is a developer of business-critical software technologies used in all 50 states and several markets throughout the world. LCS products include Rent Manager software, Net Dial Tone (NDT) VoIP telephone systems, and enterprise-level hosting solutions via its Sentry Data Center.

LCS also provides complete network design, implementation, and support services, and custom website design through its IT and Professional Services divisions. With more than 15,000 hosted users, LCS combines best technology with best practices to create a unique, affordable, customer-focused service.

For more information about the company and its offerings, visit

About AvidXchange

AvidXchange revolutionizes the way companies pay their bills. Accounts Payable automation increases control and visibility into the bill payment process to reduce processing time, allow early payment discounts and eliminate late fees. Automation eliminates paper by electronically capturing invoices, using intelligent business rules to route invoices for approval and storing all information electronically providing anytime, anywhere access to invoice status and history. AvidXchange makes it easy to automate and backs this great customer experience with a 45-day implementation guarantee. As the first SaaS technology vendor to automate invoice processing, AvidXchange works with suppliers to electronically send and receive all invoices through the AvidBill Network. Standard integration to more than 45 accounting systems speeds adoption and simplifies setup. AvidInvoice significantly reduces operating costs and improves productivity in a company’s accounts payable department. AvidPay eliminates 100% of paper checks from company’s payment processes, maintains vendor information and payment preferences, and facilitates payments for every invoice, every vendor, and every bank. Headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina, AvidXchange is privately held with over 200 employees nationwide. Contact us at 800.560.9305/


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Chelcee Coffman

Chelcee Coffman

Chelcee is passionate about storytelling, particularly when it comes to the AvidXchange story. As Senior Manager of Public Relations, she oversees strategic communications, including media relations and social media. When she isn't reading about the latest fintech trends, Chelcee enjoys cooking, live music and watching too much Netflix.

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