Purchase To Pay Automation

In the past, businesses have managed their accounts payable processes by tracking and inventorying their orders and payments on paper and filing them away in filing cabinets. While this process has worked well over the years, our society has been continually evolving due to technological advancements. Not only have there been many advancements that have made handling your company’s accounts payable more efficient and streamlined, but technological advancements have also dramatically altered the way that our society consumes products and services. From ordering custom-made products to having groceries delivered to our homes, the world of e-commerce has been continuously growing.

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Accounts Payable Automation Software

Unleash your team’s efficiency with AvidXchange’s suite of accounts payable solutions and say goodbye to filing cabinets and lost invoices. Accounts payable process automation with AvidXchange frees your team from the manual AP tasks that are slowing down your business, all while giving you greater control over your spend management with the click of a button.

Reduce Costs of Accounts Payable

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

No more wasted efforts signing, stuffing, stamping and sending stacks of paper checks. Review, code and approve payments with a few clicks.
Scale For Business Growth

Scale For Growth

Scale For Growth

Savings from eliminating the hard costs associated with paper payments allow your current team to keep up with a growing workload.
Remote Accounts Payable

Work Remotely

Work Remotely

Our cloud based accounts payable platform provides online access 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you have flexibility when you need it.
Reduce Payment Fraud

Reduce Fraud

Reduce Fraud

Enhance your financial security by leveraging e-payment adoption, while providing your vendors with flexible payment options.

Join the 8800+ Businesses Enjoying AP Automation with AvidXchange

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Watch our 4-minute demo of AvidXchange’s AP automation solutions. We’ll show you step-by-step how our solutions can digitally transform your entire invoice-to-pay process.

Because of this, embracing these technological advancements that can help your company to simplify and effectively manage your accounts payable can be essential to maintaining a successful business. As our society continues towards a digital world, many companies are automating the procure-to-pay process using online software and platforms. The P2P meaning, in finance, is the process of purchasing, paying for, receiving, and accounting for your company’s accounts payable. In other words, procure-to-pay covers the entire accounts payable process, from your purchase order all the way through payment. Procure-to-pay, also called purchase to pay, automation helps improve your business’s efficiencies by integrating your purchasing and accounts payable systems.

By automating your procure-to-pay process, you can spend less time tracking down paper invoices and receipts and instead easily track and manage all of your accounts payable. Automating your procure-to-pay process can help reduce the unwanted errors that can accompany the manual AP tasks your AP team has to do in a manual system. Finding a procure-to-pay automation software that works well with your current system of processing your accounts payable can be extremely intimidating, especially when there are so many different automation options. With AvidXchange’s accounts payable automation software, you can work to eliminate the manual tasks that slow down your accounts payable process.

Procure To Pay Process

The procure-to-pay process is the fundamental process of handling your company’s accounts payable. Developing a streamlined and efficient process is essential to maintaining a successful and organized P2P accounting system. Your procure-to-pay, or purchase-to-pay, process covers the entire accounts payable process from purchase order definition and confirmation to payment processing. P2P automation can reduce the amount of time and effort required to manually process each invoice and payment—and therefore reduce the inefficiencies of your procure-to-pay system.

Having an organized procure-to-payment system helps you keep your accounts payable process organized and simplified so that you can easily find and compare any invoice information at any time. A software system such as AvidXchange can help you create a more efficient system for processing invoices and payments by helping you automate your accounts payable system. By completely eliminating the need for traditional paper copies of invoices and payment receipts, AvidXchange’s software can increase the efficiency and organization of your company’s procure-to-pay process. By verifying that each PO number, meaning purchase order number, is accounted for and easily accessible, you can make sure that you are always able to track and manage every single order without the fear of misplacing one. This can not only help you keep on top of your business’s finances, but it can also help you reduce the costs associated with your AP process.

Procure To Pay Companies

There are many different procure-to-pay companies that offer automation services that are advertised to help you greatly improve your company’s efficiency as well as reduce costs. Finding a company that offers a procure-to-pay solution that works for your company, however, can be extremely difficult. Whether your company is transitioning from a traditional paper system or a different electronic procure-to-pay system, finding a software solution that helps you streamline and simplify your accounts payable processes can be extremely important to keeping up with the continuously advancing technological climate.

While there are many options for procure-to-pay automation software, it can be difficult to find software that is easy to use and works well with the systems that you already have. Even though automated systems are meant to make managing your accounts payable more efficient and streamlined, it can be difficult to learn an entirely new system. This is where a software like AvidXchange comes into play. AvidXchange’s AP and payment automation solutions are incredibly user friendly and integrate easily with other software products, such as procure to pay Oracle JD Edwards software. When handling your procure-to-pay process, it is helpful to know that Oracle has partnered with AvidXchange to make a great duo that can help you to transform your AP department into a source of profit with their rebate program. AvidXchange’s integration with Oracle JD Edwards can help your company to transition to a 100-percent electronic accounts payable process with 24/7 remote access so your team can manage your AP process from anywhere and keep your business moving forward.

Benefits Of Procure To Pay

Because of continued technological advances and the rise of e-commerce, there are a growing number of procure-to-pay software systems offered on the market. While all of these options can make it difficult to determine which P2P solution is going to work best for your company, having multiple options can be useful in helping you determine which benefits of procure-to-pay software will best suit your business. The top procure-to-pay software will have procure-to-pay best practices built into it so that you can be sure that you are getting the best results and greatest efficiencies.

AvidXchange is an accounts payable software suite that can help you reduce the inefficiencies of your accounts payable process and simplify your procure-to-pay process. One of the largest benefits of an automated procure to pay example is that it integrates your procurement with your accounts payable system to further streamline the process. An automated procure-to-pay software solution can help you reduce the cost and time required for your current systems, as well as increase your overall accuracy and efficiency. By transitioning into an automated electronic procure-to-pay system—especially from a system that still uses paper copies of invoices and receipts—you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary costs, as well as help your financial team be more organized and in control of your company’s finances.

Procure To Pay Process SAP

It can be difficult to transition to a new system, whether it is for managing your accounts payable or any other fundamental system for your business. A new system with different rules and practices can seem unnecessary, especially if you already have a system in place that you are used to using, such as procure-to-pay process SAP Concur Invoice software. However, as our society continues to advance technologically, it is important to find a software service that can continue to grow with you as technology advances and your business grows. This is where AvidXchange can be extremely useful. AvidXchange’s software is meant to grow alongside your business and easily integrates with your current systems so that you don’t have to give up the system you are already using.

Many of the common software solutions you use for managing your company’s P2P cycle—SAP Concur, for example—can be easily integrated with AvidXchange’s software. This way, you can gain all the benefits of AvidXchange’s accounts payable automation software without having to alter the procure to pay process steps in SAP that you have already developed or change your SAP procure to pay process flow diagram. AvidXchange’s software can help you transition your procure to pay process to a completely electronic process and eliminate the need for traditional paper copies and filing cabinets.

P2P Automation Meaning

It is important to understand the P2P automation meaning. Procure-to-pay software that offers an automation solution to your company’s P2P process, like AvidXchange, can be extremely useful in helping you maintain this fundamentally important aspect of your company’s procurement process. Software that offers procure-to-pay automation benefits not only your financial team by keeping your invoice and payment records organized and easily accessible, but it can also benefit your company’s relationships with your suppliers. An automated P2P solution can help you ensure that your business is ordering and paying for the supplies that you need to function successfully.

The P2P process in accounts payable cannot be overstressed. As a fundamental part of keeping your business working properly, using reliable, high-quality P2P software is essential to making sure that your business stays in good working order. Without good automated software, invoices and payment receipts can get lost or overlooked, which can lead to unnecessary expenses and mistakes—especially in the case of mid-to-large businesses.

What Is P2P In Supply Chain

So exactly what is P2P in supply chain terms? To put it simply, P2P stands for procure-to-pay or purchase-to-pay and it covers the main aspects of the procurement life cycle. These four processes are requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, and payment. So in the order-to-cash O2C supply chain, the procure-to-pay cycle describes the processes needed to get from an order of a product or service to the payment for that product or service. Then what is P2P cycle? Simply put, the procure-to-pay cycle refers to the process of how companies procure products or services.

P2P is a part of the larger procurement process and consists of the four key stages of this process: selecting products and services, compliance and order, receiving, and invoicing and payment. Because P2P covers these important aspects of your business’s procurement process, finding and implementing an easy-to-use and organized system can be essential to maintaining a working and efficient procure-to-pay process, and therefore it is also essential to maintaining a successful company in the long run.

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