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Payment Management Platform

It can be difficult for even the best accounts payable team to keep track of bills and payments. There are many steps involved in the accounts payable process, and completing the whole process manually can take more time than necessary. A slow and inefficient accounts payable workflow can potentially cause a lot of problems for a business, including lost time or even a loss of reputation if the payments do not get sent out correctly or by the appropriate deadline.

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Thankfully, there are payment processing companies that can help solve this problem. A payment management platform provides a way for middle-market companies to automate their accounts payable processing, which can cut costs and increase efficiency. Making use of a payment management platform such as AvidPay from AvidXchange could simplify your business by automating your accounts payable.

There are several improvements to the accounts payable process that a business might see after switching to a payment management platform to keep track of bills and payments. The most obvious benefit is that an automated workflow is much faster than a manual workflow. It also helps with organization, because paper invoices can be converted into a digital format for simpler processing in a central payment management platform.

Automated solutions from payment processing companies can route invoices through a pre-approved workflow that greatly reduces the manual work and paper documentation required, without ever taking the process completely out of the accounts payable team’s hands. The payments must still be approved by the right people before they are sent out to the vendor or supplier, and the whole system provides a level of transparency that means the accounts payable team is never forced to blindly trust a machine. The payment management platform simply moves invoices along the accounts payable pipeline automatically so that the process moves as quickly and efficiently as possible. The automated system saves time and helps keep the accounts payable team organized by removing the need to keep track of bills and payments on paper.

Payment Management App

There are multiple options for a company looking for a high-quality payment management app. The best bill pay app is the one that works best for your accounts payable team’s particular situation and needs. AvidXchange has one of the best invoice apps for mid-sized companies looking for a way to improve their accounts payable workflow. With over 53 million transactions processed annually, they are among the most experienced payment management app providers and are well equipped to improve middle-market companies’ accounts payable processes.

It’s nearly impossible to definitely choose the best bill pay app, because each company’s needs are a little bit different. AvidXchange is a good choice for mid-sized companies who are struggling to keep their bill payments organized and need a way to keep up with the demands of a company that has outgrown the small-business moniker. Some payment management companies provide a payment management app that is geared toward helping small businesses that don’t have the resources to handle their accounts payable with a dedicated in-house team. AvidXchange helps middle-market companies make their existing accounts payable process more efficient and more organized.

Order Billing and Payment Management

A small business might start out with a simple accounts payable process that is easy to organize manually. But once a business starts to grow into a middle-market company, its accounts payable system is going to need to quickly adapt in order to keep up. Order billing and payment management is difficult to keep track of manually when there are a lot of bills coming through the system and only a small accounts payable team. Even a large accounts payable team with an efficient process is unlikely to work as quickly as an automated process, but AvidXchange’s bill payment automation software can handle even the most complex accounts payable processes.

Using a bill organizer app for computers could be the best way to organize an accounts payable process that has grown larger and more complex than your accounts payable team can manage on their own. An automated order billing and payment management platform like AvidXchange provides full visibility into the process. The payment management platform will speed up the accounts payable workflow, but the accounts payable team can still see exactly how the process is working. This allows the accounts payable team to retain full control over the process while also taking advantage of an automated process’s efficiency. Thanks to the added visibility into the process, you might also find ways that the accounts payable workflow can be further optimized that you would not have noticed before.

Best Payment Processing For Small Business

As previously mentioned, a small business’s accounts payable needs look very different from those of a middle-market business. There is plenty of simple billing software for small businesses available, including some options for free payment processing for small businesses, but this type of payment processing platform may not meet the needs of a mid-sized company. Free software might be the best payment system for small business, but even the best payment processing for small business may not be equipped to handle the more complex payment processing workflows of middle-market companies.

The best online payment system for small businesses is likely not going to be the best system for mid-sized businesses. This is simply because companies of different sizes have very different needs, and the best payment system for small businesses or the best payment processing for small businesses is not necessarily designed for the needs of a middle-market company. A company larger than a small business could benefit more from a payment management platform that can automate and digitally organize a large-scale accounts payable system. Even though free invoicing software for small businesses might look attractive, it is important to understand that they are intended for small businesses and most likely cannot keep up with a more involved accounts payable workflow.

Online Payment Management System

AvidXchange is a cloud-based online payment management system, which means it can provide your accounts payable process with greater flexibility and visibility. A paper-based system is only available in one location, and it is easy to misplace records or become disorganized in general. With the cloud-based system that the best online payment processing platforms provide, accounts payable information can be accessed securely over the internet from anywhere and at any time. The information can also be kept more organized thanks to the ability to store it all in one central, easily accessible location that doesn’t take up any physical space.

Cloud-based online payment software is possibly the best payment system for online businesses. Manually keeping track of a physical accounts payable process is already tedious and leaves a lot of room for error, but it becomes even more difficult to stay organized if your business operates entirely online. Choosing the best online payment software for your online business means you can keep your accounts payable workflow organized in one convenient online location, just like the rest of your business.

Payment Management Software

Without a good payment management software, accounts payable teams might find themselves quickly overwhelmed by the workload they face. Middle-market companies with many payments that need to be sent out to many different vendors can sometimes struggle to keep all the payments organized. Even with a well-designed workflow, delivering payments on time and keeping the whole process organized and error free can be a challenge.

Payment processing software companies have recognized that this problem is faced by many businesses, and they have created a solution that might help. Payment processing software can automate a business’s accounts payable process to increase efficiency and greatly reduce the risk of errors. By moving invoices automatically through the steps in the accounts payable pipeline, payment management software can save the accounts payable team a lot of time. An accounts payable team that is working more quickly and efficiently results in money saved for the company.

In addition, payment processing software can save businesses money by reducing the amount of paper they use. A manual accounts payable process requires a lot of paper: paper invoices, checks, envelopes, postage stamps—the list goes on. These are small expenses, but over time, those expenses add up to a lot of money that could likely have been saved by switching to payment management software provided by one of many payment processing software companies, such as AvidXchange.

Billing System Software

Billing system software like AvidXchange is able to completely automate the billing process for your accounts payable team. Using simple billing software like this can be one of the best ways to speed up your accounts payable process and speed up the accounts payable team’s workflow. AvidXchange is among the payment management software companies with the best invoicing software. They have over 700,000 suppliers in their network, which makes it easy for companies to pay their bills efficiently. AvidXchange can even help businesses with their utility bills through the utility bill management service AvidUtility.

Companies that are struggling to keep their accounts payable workflow efficient might find a solution in billing system software. By using simple billing software, an accounts payable team can find it easier to keep invoices organized and move them through the accounts payable pipeline in a timely manner without sacrificing accuracy. Switching to paperless billing system software can save companies money by cutting down on processing time, human error, and the need for paper. Sending payments to suppliers and making utility bill payments can be made easier and more efficient with a simple billing software solution.

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