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P2P Accounts Payable

Nearly every kind of business requires goods or services of some kind from an outside supplier, or more likely, many different outside suppliers. In order to facilitate these transactions efficiently, businesses usually need to have an effective procure-to-pay (P2P) system in place. Accounts payable professionals could benefit by considering what is P2P process and how the efficacy of the P2P process affects the health of a business.

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The P2P process in accounts payable is the whole procedure of steps and actions that must be completed in order to purchase goods or services from an external supplier. The P2P accounts payable process encompasses the entire workflow, from procuring goods or services to completing the appropriate payment to the supplier. The P2P process in accounts payable is an essential component of keeping a business supplied with the goods and services it needs to function successfully. For this reason, it is important to have an effective and reliable P2P system.

That is where a P2P software solution like AvidXchange’s AvidBuy can come in. AvidBuy is purchase order software designed to automate the P2P process and simplify the work involved for accounts payable teams. Purchase order software is capable of reducing the number of unapproved purchases that are made and the number of coding errors that occur. Purchase order software also has the ability to eliminate preventable delays that slow down the P2P process and create more work for accounts payable team members.

Purchase order software can serve as a comprehensive online P2P solution that can make it easier for accounts payable teams to complete the P2P process with accuracy and efficiency. AvidBuy allows accounts payable teams to automate their purchase order process, which could make it easier to avoid unexpected costs and purchase errors.

Procure To Pay Process

One way that an accounts payable team could increase efficiency and reduce errors in their procure to pay process is by implementing purchase order automation software. One example of the kind of purchase order automation software that could enable effective procure-to-pay process steps is AvidBuy from AvidXchange. AvidBuy is purchase order automation software that is intended to lower the number of unapproved purchases that are made, as well as reduce the number of coding errors and unnecessary delays that occur. Each of these problems could be a significant hindrance to the P2P process, but accounts payable teams may be able to prevent them by implementing purchase order automation software into their P2P process.

Someone wondering how to explain P2P cycle might consider looking at it like a P2P process flow chart. There are a series of steps, one leading to the next, that must be followed in order to complete the procure to pay process from beginning to end. These steps constitute a business’s ability to efficiently purchase goods or services from outside suppliers. AvidBuy is an example of purchase order software that can automate the procure to pay process and make it easier for accounts payable teams to complete the process as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Procure To Pay Process SAP

AvidXchange offers other software tools in addition to AvidBuy that can help accounts payable teams improve their accounts payable processes. One of these tools is AvidPay, which is bill payment automation software. An automated bill payment software tool could allow accounts payable teams to make 100 percent of their bill payments automatically. In this way, automated bill payment software can enable accounts payable teams to process payments to suppliers faster than they would otherwise be able to.

Many accounts payable teams might wonder about whether a procure to pay software solution can be used with SAP to improve the P2P cycle – SAP can sometimes be used with procure to pay software. The procure to pay process steps in SAP can be improved with the use of compatible payment order automation software. The procure to pay cycle in SAP could be made more efficient if payment order automation software that is compatible with a SAP procure to pay process flow diagram is implemented.

A procure to pay cycle in SAP with accounting entries could be possible with the use of some types of payment order automation software. Procure to payment software could integrate with the procure to pay process SAP users are familiar with to improve it further.

P2P End To End Process

A disorganized and inefficient procure to pay cycle can be a major detriment to the productivity of an accounts payable team. By using software to automate the procure to pay cycle, accounts payable teams could increase the efficiency of their procure to pay process end to end. AvidXchange offers software that can enable accounts payable teams to automate their P2P end-to-end process in order to maximize efficiency.

Accounts payable teams could save themselves a significant amount of time by using P2P automation software like AvidBuy to automate some of the more repetitive manual tasks associated with the procure to pay cycle. By saving time on the P2P process, accounts payable team members could free themselves up to focus on more valuable tasks and projects where they can use their talents to their fullest potential instead of wasting them on repetitive work.

A P2P end-to-end process could potentially be improved with the use of procure to pay automation software in a number of ways. It is typically in a company’s best interest to ensure that their procure to pay cycle runs efficiently so the necessary goods or services are received and the appropriate payments are processed accurately and on time. There are five steps involved in this important process:


  • Purchase requisition – The first stage of the procure to pay cycle is the purchase requisition, when a business identifies a need for an outside product or service and selects an appropriate supplier.
  • Purchase order – During the second step of the process, the business negotiates a price and creates and sends an official purchase order.
  • Order confirmation – The third step is order confirmation, which entails the vendor confirming that they received the purchase order and communicating shipping information to the business.
  • Delivery notification – The fourth step, delivery notification, is when the goods are received by the business, which then confirms that it received them and communicates information about any missing or damaged goods, if necessary.
  • Invoice payment – The final step to completing the procure to pay process end to end is invoice payment. This is when the vendor sends an invoice to the business, which is then reconciled by the business to ensure its accuracy before being authorized and paid. This final step is the step that often causes delays that are preventable with the use of procure to pay cycle automation software.

Oracle Procure To Pay Process Flow

AvidXchange can provide a flexible and user-friendly solution that can conveniently integrate with accounts payable systems that are already in place. AvidXchange can integrate with over 210 popular accounting systems in order to allow accounts payable teams to improve their accounts payable process without disrupting existing systems. Among the systems with which AvidXchange solutions can be integrated are several different Oracle products.

The payment automation services that are offered by AvidXchange can enable Oracle users to integrate more efficient and more secure methods of processing invoices and delivering electronic payments. AvidXchange products could be implemented by accounts payable teams using Oracle to improve the Oracle procure to pay process flow.

Oracle users might also wonder if accounts payable automation software can work with other aspects and features of Oracle systems, like P2P journal entries in Oracle r12, or P2P and O2C accounting entries in Oracle apps r12. Some accounts payable automation software can integrate with other accounts payable systems such as Oracle to improve accounts payable processing without requiring the accounts payable team to completely change their workflow.

Procure To Pay Best Practices

Procure to pay best practices may extend beyond 3 way match journal entries. Accounts payable teams could improve their procure to pay process by implementing an automated P2P software solution and by adhering to procure-to-pay best practices. AvidXchange can offer software solutions that can enable accounts payable teams to standardize P2P best practices in their procure to pay process with the use of digitization and automation. AvidXchange can allow accounts payable teams to create custom digital workflows. This could make it possible to process every invoice, bill, purchase order, or other procure to pay example in the same way.

Using procure to pay software can allow accounts payable teams to create consistent workflows and standardize P2P best practices, which can enable a more effective procure to pay process. AvidXchange can help standardize an accounts payable team’s procure to pay process with automation and digitization and enable procure-to-pay best practices.

P2p In Accounts Payable

Implementing AvidXchange to automate P2P in accounts payable and pay invoices electronically can be a simple process. AvidXchange has a supplier network that includes over 700,000 suppliers, and the AvidXchange system comes with their payment preferences already included. If a supplier is not already in the existing network of suppliers, adding them to the system is very simple as well. This feature could make it easier for accounts payable teams to complete their procure to pay accounts payable processes efficiently because they would not need to determine each different supplier’s payment preferences individually.

Accounts payable teams who are looking for a better way to organize their P2P in accounts payable could also benefit from implementing a procure to pay accounts payable software solution. AvidXchange can help accounts payable teams standardize purchasing patterns and keep track of payments with P2P cycle journal entries. This could allow procure to pay general entry into records, which can help keep the P2P process organized.

More About P2P Accounts Payable

No matter what industry you work in, from food service to space technology, it is likely that you need supplies or services from another company or supplier to effectively do your business. Whether this means you need produce and other food goods for your grocery store chain or you need manufactured parts for the spaceship your company is working on, the point is, you’re likely using one or more companies to get the supplies and services you need to ensure that your work can run smoothly. Because of this, it is incredibly important that you can process and otherwise facilitate these transactions between your business and theirs efficiently. To do this, you will want to ensure that you have a good procure-to-pay (P2P) system in your business. Essentially, you want an accounts payable P2P system in place so that you can easily process transactions between suppliers without issue.

This is becoming especially important in today’s society where not only consumers but also businesses are getting increasingly more technologically advanced. As technology continues to advance and be available to the public, many businesses are adopting more effective automated or otherwise electronic systems that make their own processes more efficient. And this means that they will expect the businesses that they are working with to do the same—or at least not fall too far behind. Because of this, there has been an increasing number of procure-to-pay questions centered on how to improve the process and how an efficient system can benefit a business. In simple terms, the P2P process is a series of steps and actions that needs to be taken to purchase products or services from another company, which is called a supplier. This process covers the entire flow of the transaction, from procuring the product or service to paying the supplier for it.

Luckily, due to advancements in technology, there are several P2P software solutions, such as AvidBuy, a solution offered by AvidXchange. AvidBuy is a good procure-to-pay example solution because it is automated purchase order software. Essentially, this software solution can help you simplify and streamline the work your accounts payable team needs to do for each purchase as well as reduce the number of manual data-entry errors and unapproved purchases that are made by your company.

P2P Process

To ensure that you have a good procure-to-pay system in place, you need to ensure that you are utilizing an effective and efficient P2P process. A P2P process in accounts payable often contains at least seven distinct steps, and to make sure that you have a good system in place, you will want to ensure that your company is being efficient throughout each of the steps. These steps are: supply management, vendor selection, requisition, purchase order, receiving, invoice reconciliation, and accounts payable. Supply management, vendor selection, and requisition all occur before a purchase order is made to a vendor. After the purchase order is sent to the vendor and the products or services are received, the next step is comparing the invoice to the purchase order to ensure that everything is accurate. The final step is focused on handling the actual payment to the vendor. With all of these steps, it is no surprise that errors can occur so frequently when your P2P system is managed manually, especially when you consider that there can even be more steps than just these seven. This is why so many businesses are finding it useful to implement a P2P automation software solution such as AvidXchange to help them simplify and optimize their P2P system as well as dramatically cut down on errors and mispayments.

Because there are several steps in the P2P process, it can be useful to utilize a P2P process flow chart to view your system. This can help ensure that you know exactly what each step is doing, keep track of the order, and understand how each step can be further optimized by, for instance, adopting a software solution. For example, if you are already using a solution like SAP Concur, then you may see in your SAP P2P process flow chart that the latter steps—such as the accounts payable process of actually sending the payment to the supplier—are already extremely optimized, but the earlier steps could use the addition of a solution such as AvidXchange for some more attention to ensure that your entire P2P workflow is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Procure To Pay Process SAP

One common tool that many companies use to help improve their P2P process is SAP Concur. The P2P process in SAP can be a great improvement from manually processing your entire P2P workflow. In fact, a SAP procure-to-pay process flow can not only help you improve your efficiency, but it can also help cut down on manual data-entry errors. Many people, however, wonder if SAP procure-to-pay process solutions can work with other popular P2P process tools.

Luckily, if the solution you are looking at adopting is AvidXchange, it does. AvidXchange offers a full suite of accounts payable and payment automation solutions that can help you to streamline your entire P2P process, and because this solution offers over 200 integrations, you can use it in conjunction with your procure-to-pay flow chart in SAP. Using AvidXchange, you could better manage and control a P2P process in SAP accounting entries and ensure that your entire P2P process is more efficient and streamlined.

P2P Cycle

When you are trying to improve your overall procure-to-pay process, it can be critical to consider the steps and processes that are happening in your P2P cycle. This can help you identify which parts of the P2P process in accounts payable are performing well and which parts of the process need additional attention to improve. A good way to dive into your P2P cycle to find this information is to analyze your procure-to-pay process flow. Utilizing a P2P process flow chart can help you easily see where your process is getting hung up and where it is running smoothly.

Another great way to improve your overall P2P process flow is to utilize a software solution like AvidXchange. AvidXchange offers an entire suite of software solutions for all aspects of your accounts payable and payment automation processes so that you can ensure your processes are as efficient as possible. Another benefit of AvidXchange’s software solution is that it offers over 200 integrations, so you can continue to utilize whichever accounting system you are already using—for example, a procure-to-pay SAP Concur solution—but still get the benefits that AvidXchange’s solution brings.

Procure To Pay Process Steps

Taking the time and effort to analyze and improve your procure-to-pay process can dramatically improve your accounts payable processes as well as your relationships with your suppliers. Because of this, there are many “how to explain P2P cycle” and “procure-to-pay process” PPT examples available today that can be found with a simple web search. These examples can help you easily understand where your current processes may be falling short and how to help them.

Another great way to continually optimize and streamline your P2P processes is to use a software solution like AvidXchange. AvidXchange’s solutions offer a wide range of tools and features that you can use to improve your current processes, even if you are currently following procure-to-pay process steps in SAP Concur or other common accounting software programs. This is because AvidXchange has created over 225 integrations between their suite of software solutions and other commonly used accounting system solutions, such as SAP Concur and QuickBooks. So even if you are already using a SAP procure-to-pay process flow diagram to check in on your current processes, you can easily integrate AvidXchange’s wide variety of tools and solutions to streamline your P2P process.

P2P Cycle Journal Entries

Just like any other type of transaction, your transaction between your business and your suppliers should be recorded in P2P journal entries that can easily be compared and looked back on for future reference. When it comes to comparing journal entries, you can either use a two-way match or a three-way match. Like it sounds, 3-way match journal entries are more effective than two-way matches because they are comparing three things (purchase order as well as invoice and sales receipt) rather than two.

Having a well-kept and detailed procure-to-pay process, as well as source-to-pay process with journal entries can help to ensure that you are in the best position to improve your P2P process and make sure that your suppliers are getting paid on time and effectively. A software solution like AvidXchange can help you do this, and with its over 225 integrations with common accounting software solutions, it can work with P2P cycle journal entries in SAP, P2P cycle journal entries in Oracle R12, and more so that you do not have to give up your current system to gain the benefits of using its tools.

Procure-To-Pay Best Practices

When it comes to ensuring that you have an effective and streamlined procure-to-pay system in place, utilizing a software solution that implements procure-to-pay best practices can be a great idea. There are several different procure-to-pay policy and procedure rules that can be hard to implement and keep up with manually. Because of this, it can be a good idea to implement a software solution like AvidXchange that offers the tools and features you can utilize to easily keep up with any rules and regulations so that you can ensure you keep good relationships with your vendors.

AvidXchange is accounts payable automation software, which means that you can easily use it to codify best practices into your AP processes. This makes AvidXchange’s automated software solution a good procure-to-pay process example solution.

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