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Today’s society is continuing to pursue more advanced technological solutions for both personal and business matters. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly more important for companies of all sizes and industries to embrace more complex and innovative solutions that can help them run their business well. One of the most common types of these advanced software solutions is electronic invoicing and payment software. With the large number of invoices, payment receipts, and purchase orders businesses process each day, it is becoming harder and harder for businesses to manually log, track, and manage all of this information. For this reason, as well as others, many businesses are opting for electronic invoicing software solutions such as AvidXchange.

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Accounts Payable Automation Software

Unleash your team’s efficiency with AvidXchange’s suite of accounts payable solutions and say goodbye to filing cabinets and lost invoices. Accounts payable process automation with AvidXchange frees your team from the manual AP tasks that are slowing down your business, all while giving you greater control over your spend management with the click of a button.

Reduce Costs of Accounts Payable

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

No more wasted efforts signing, stuffing, stamping and sending stacks of paper checks. Review, code and approve payments with a few clicks.
Scale For Business Growth

Scale For Growth

Scale For Growth

Savings from eliminating the hard costs associated with paper payments allow your current team to keep up with a growing workload.
Remote Accounts Payable

Work Remotely

Work Remotely

Our cloud based accounts payable platform provides online access 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you have flexibility when you need it.
Reduce Payment Fraud

Reduce Fraud

Reduce Fraud

Enhance your financial security by leveraging e-payment adoption, while providing your vendors with flexible payment options.

Join the 8000+ Businesses Enjoying AP Automation with AvidXchange

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Watch our 4-minute demo of AvidXchange’s AP automation solutions. We’ll show you step-by-step how our solutions can digitally transform your entire invoice-to-pay process.

As society shifts more towards the consumers rather than the businesses, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to do the same. This shift in focus, however, does not only apply to the consumers. Many businesses are seeing great benefits when they shift their focus to their suppliers rather than keep it on themselves. After all, without suppliers, most businesses would not be able to stay in business. It’s important to ensure that you are not only focusing on paying for all of your supplies on time and accurately but also garnering good relationships with the companies who help you stay in business. This can dramatically help to put you in a much more favorable position in the eyes of your suppliers. One of the many benefits of e-invoicing software is that it helps you improve and maintain these relationships.

Think about it like a friend. If you have a friend who borrows money all the time but never pays you back, you’re not likely to lend money to them later on down the road. But if you have a friend whom you know is always there and is good for the money, then you won’t have a problem sending them some money when they need it. The relationship between suppliers and businesses is quite similar to this—although you are actively purchasing items from suppliers. E-invoicing software helps to ensure that your suppliers are paid on time and in their preferred method of payment to help create good relationships with the other businesses who keep your company working.

E-Invoicing Portal

As the digital marketplace continues to grow, it is not surprising that more and more businesses are opting for online invoicing and payment tracking and management solutions. These digital solutions, such as AvidXchange’s automated invoicing software solution, are becoming more and more popular. They can help make your business’s accounts payable processes much more efficient and streamlined. In comparison to traditional invoice and payment tracking and management systems, an e-invoicing system can be a drastic improvement. An e-invoice format can dramatically simplify the process of tracking and managing an invoice, meaning the process of storing, sorting, and accessing any information on that invoice can be much more easily accomplished with a digital invoicing system.

One example of an e-invoicing system that can help you streamline and optimize your accounts payable process is AvidXchange. AvidXchange offers solutions for the entire accounts payable process, from invoicing to payments and purchase orders. Using this software solution, you can easily review, manage, and approve invoices and payments in just a few clicks. With AvidXchange’s software solution, you can completely eliminate the need for paper files and wasted time spent tracking down invoices, payment receipts, or coworkers and instead help your accounts payable team invest their time and energy into working on more value-added tasks.

Requirements for E-Invoicing

Using an e-invoicing solution can help you ensure that you are following the necessary requirements for e invoicing and regulations for processing your company’s accounts payable information. With a traditional system that uses hard copies of invoices and payment receipts, it can be much more difficult to ensure that you are keeping all the information you need and that it is easily accessible. With an e-invoicing solution, however, you can have all of that information—such as a purchase order, invoice, and e-receipt—easily accessible and available for you anytime you need it.

This makes it easy to ensure you are using the correct information and complying with e-invoicing regulations. It also saves you hours trying to track down a coworker or a piece of information stored in a filing cabinet. An e-invoicing system like AvidXchange can offer you the ability to automate a lot of the manual tasks that not only take up time and cause your AP process to take longer but that also can be prone to errors and mistakes, which can be costly down the line. This automation can help you more effectively manage your AP process, as well as ensure that you are not missing any important information, paying your suppliers on time, and gaining more visibility into and control of your accounts payable information.

E-Invoicing SAP

To help your business streamline and optimize your accounts payable process, AvidXchange offers integration with e-invoicing configuration in SAP Concur. This integration allows Concur Invoice users to use AvidXchange’s AvidPay software solutions, which can help you to provide more payment automation solutions. These solutions can help make your current SAP e-invoice system more efficient and appealing to your suppliers because they can be paid more efficiently and quickly and in their preferred manner.

AvidXchange’s integration with SAP means you do not have to worry about not having AvidXchange and SAP document compliance. Instead, you can focus your attention on creating an optimized and simple accounts payable system that will help you stay on the good side of your suppliers. You can use AvidXchange’s automated software solutions to scale your AP processes and dramatically simplify how you process an invoice, meaning create a much more effective and efficient system for invoicing in SAP by using AvidXhange’s tools alongside it.

E-Invoicing Solution Providers

Because e-invoicing software solutions are continuing to rise in popularity in today’s society, it is no surprise that there are a number of e-invoicing companies on the market today. This can be a great thing for businesses that are looking to implement an electronic invoice, meaning a digital or online invoice processing system, in their businesses. With many different options comes a difficult choice, but many options also means a number of different e-invoice format options, which can be valuable to a business that is looking for a solution that will best suit their current processes and systems.

One of the most important things to consider when selecting an invoicing software solution is making sure that the solution complies with any e-invoicing regulations that may be in place. The last thing you would want is to find out that a new system you have just gotten used to is not in compliance with regulations and needs to be removed from your business. A system like AvidXchange can be a great option for middle-market businesses because it is meant to scale for growth, offers many different integrations with other popular accounting software solutions, and allows you to create custom approval processes and workflows that best suit your business’s needs.

E-Invoice Portal

There are many different e-invoice system solutions on the market today, and many of these solutions have an e-invoicing login or an invoice portal that you can use to track and manage your invoicing data. When you select a solution, you will be offered e-invoicing registration information that can help you log into your portal and begin tracking and managing your accounts payable processes. Because there are a number of different solutions to your accounts payable invoicing processes, it can be difficult to figure out which solution may be the best solution for your business. For example, WeInvoice is an example of e-invoice software (free) and AvidXchange is an example of another e-invoicing software (premium).

Oftentimes free versions of software solutions can be helpful, but they do not offer the same number of features and tools that you may need to create a simplified and optimized solution for your accounts payable processes. Finding a solution that offers an e-invoice format that works well with your business’s current processes and systems can be a great way to help you find the best solution for your business. AvidXchange offers over 200 integrations with other popular accounting software solutions and helps you create easily customizable workflows and approval processes.

Electronic Invoice Template

Even though electronic invoicing has been around for a while now, it may still be new to your business. If e-invoicing solutions are new to your business, or you are unsure of where to start or how to best improve your accounts payable processes with e-invoicing software, it can be a good idea to use an electronic invoice template or example. Thankfully, you can find a lot of valuable information with a simple Google search. So, if you have no idea where to begin, doing a web search for any e-invoicing requirements or templates and examples that you can use as inspiration can be a great idea.

Of course, not all platforms use the same formats or templates, and it can be difficult to determine which of these examples may be the most helpful for your business. This is why it can be a good idea to experiment with different templates and examples before deciding for certain which type of system may work best for you. If you are using a software solution like AvidXchange, you can have access to easily customizable processes that can be tailored to your business’s current workflows and approval processes. This makes AvidXchange a great resource for both new and experienced businesses who are looking to streamline and optimize their AP processes.

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