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E Invoice System

Is your accounts payable (AP) team tired of dealing with an inefficient and costly manual invoicing process? Many times, physical invoices can be lost as they are carried from one office to the next, or even miscategorized when they are organized in difficult-to-use filing cabinets. On top of that, mail can be delayed for a variety of reasons, making it harder to complete transactions promptly. This doesn’t even mention the troubles that come when your middle-market business starts growing faster. More and more invoices overwhelm your AP team and can leave you scrambling to find the invoices that fell through the cracks before they are forgotten.

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If any of this seems familiar, know there is a better way to manage your accounts payable processes, and that is through automation. Automation has many benefits, including improved visibility into invoices wherever they are in your approval process, greater efficiency, and reduced costs.

One of the core solutions within an automated accounts payable platform is the e invoice system. An e invoice system allows you to manage and view each invoice online. Because it is cloud-based, an e invoice system supports remote work capabilities and allows you to view invoices wherever you are, from any device. E-invoicing can take many forms, from a digital invoice template to an online invoice generator. However, using these tools only really assists you in converting paper invoices to digital ones. A truly comprehensive e invoice system automates all AP invoice processing activities using software to automatically code and categorize the invoice. After that, the invoice is assigned to the appropriate workflow and routed to the proper corporate leaders for approval. The idea is to use technology to streamline your entire invoice process so your AP team can focus on more strategic tasks that can grow your business.

One e-invoice solution that meets these requirements is AvidInvoice from AvidXchange. AvidInvoice includes many unique features, including OCR technology, that reduce manual data-entry errors and can save valuable time for your AP team.

E Invoice Format

The e invoice format often looks very similar to the format of paper invoices. This makes the transition from paper to paperless even easier as there are no new complicated formats to learn. The look and feel of such an invoice, however, depends on the electronic invoice template used to convert the invoice from paper to digital. Many of these templates are available online and provide input boxes for you to add the data from your paper invoice. These templates generally follow the same simple invoice format.

There are many e-invoicing solutions that you could choose from that could help your AP team simplify its processes. Some companies even offer an electronic invoice app that allows you to create completely digital invoices from your mobile device. One way to move past the paper-based processes that could be holding your AP team back is to look at the invoice solution from AvidXchange. AvidInvoice could be ideal for your middle-market business. One of the great things about AvidInvoice is that the move to digital doesn’t have to mean a loss of control. More automation doesn’t imply less granularity. With AvidInvoice, you can design customized workflows and design custom invoice approval processes to meet your business’s specific needs.

E-Invoicing Companies

There are several e-invoicing companies in the marketplace that are developing and offering e-invoicing solutions and e-invoicing registration. One important thing to consider when comparing invoice software is the experience level of the company that is providing the solution. You don’t want to place something as important as accounts payable in the hands of a company that is not trustworthy or reliable. AvidXchange, on the other hand, does have a great deal of experience. With a supplier network that supports over 700,000 suppliers and software that annually processes over $145 billion and more than 58 million transactions, it’s hard to beat the record of AvidXchange’s service. Other things you should look for when comparing e-invoicing companies are what features their platform offers and whether or not the software is easily integrable with your current accounts payable procedures. AvidInvoice allows you to follow the same approval processes and workflows you use today without the inefficiencies of paper. The solutions from AvidXchange also make it easier for your company to scale. By automating the accounts payable process, you can always ensure that your invoices are categorized and approved, no matter how many of them you have.

Electronic Invoicing and Payment

Through electronic invoicing and payment, you can eliminate the costs of paper, ink, and delivery associated with traditional, paper-based accounts payable processes. You may be concerned about whether or not electronic invoices will be as easy to digest and approve as paper invoices. By going online and looking at an electronic invoice sample, you’ll see that for most of them, all of the information is exactly where you’d expect it to be.

The goal of electronic invoicing software is to enhance your accounts payable process and complement your existing accounting system. Accounts payable automation does not mean replacing your accounting system. This is why we’ve built more than 210 integrations between the AP automation solutions from AvidXchange and widely used accounting software systems for middle-market businesses. Are you using QuickBooks or Oracle NetSuite? We’ve got you covered. Are you using something else? Check out all of our integrations and see if it’s on the list. Another benefit of switching to electronic invoicing and payment is a reduction in fraud. Using electronic payments, you can enhance the security of your transactions, giving you peace of mind. Solutions like AvidXchange can help you unlock the full efficiency of your team as well as save money through our powerful, cloud-based invoice management and payment automation suite.

Benefits Of E-Invoicing

Now, let’s talk about some more of the benefits of e-invoicing. The benefits of invoicing through software include improved visibility, more efficient processing, reduced costs, scalability for growth, and greater financial security. Because the best e-invoicing solutions are cloud-based, visibility is increased by providing you with 24/7, remote access to live invoice and payment data wherever you are. Whether you are in the office or at home, you can always know what is going on with your accounts payable processes. Efficiency is greater because your staff no longer needs to open and sort paper invoices using those clunky filing cabinets. Nor does your team need to wait for the mail or overnight couriers. In the digital world, what used to take days can now be reduced to minutes or even seconds. This means that your department will have more time to focus on more strategic endeavors. E-invoicing also supports audits by automatically keeping detailed records of every invoice and payment and allowing those with privileges to view all of the processing steps and create reports instantly. Though there may be some disadvantages of billing software, these are more than outweighed by the huge number of benefits.

At this point, you may still be wondering, what is e-invoicing? E-invoicing is quite simply the process of taking invoice management processes out of the traditional, paper-based world and into the technology age. This is the main electronic invoice meaning: it’s invoicing, streamlined.

E Invoicing Portal

Another word for an e-invoicing software solution is an e invoicing portal. An e invoice portal is an automated system for generating and processing your invoices. One example of just such an e-invoicing portal is AvidInvoice from AvidXchange. Using an invoice login, users can access the AvidInvoice invoice app and then start taking advantage of all the benefits of e-invoicing. This means that you can upload invoices into the system as well as create customized workflows and processes that can be fully integrated into your existing accounting system to ensure that the transition from paper to electronic is smooth and effective. A solid e-invoicing portal will be easy to access and use but also secure and reliable. It should also include checking features to ensure that errors are not made as invoices are uploaded to the system.

Importance Of E-Invoicing

The importance of e-invoicing cannot be overstated. Through e-invoicing, you not only gain a host of benefits in terms of efficiency and speed, but you also gain access to a more secure way to pay. Despite what you may hear in the media about high-profile computer fraud and hacking, statistics show that paper-based transactions are still the most susceptible to security breaches. Checks are now one of the riskiest ways to pay bills, and yet they are still, unfortunately, the mainstay of most B2B transactions. Furthermore, e-invoicing allows for more scalability by eliminating the number of physical invoices that need to be categorized. This prevents your accounts payable team from being overwhelmed when more invoices start coming in as your business continues to grow. There are a few requirements for e invoicing to be successful. The company that produces the software needs to be trustworthy and reliable. Furthermore, the software needs to be easy to use as well as easy to integrate with your pre-existing accounting software. AvidInvoice from AvidXchange fits all of these e invoicing requirements and could be a great solution for your AP team.

More About E-Invoice System

As society continues to pursue more advanced technological solutions for both personal and business situations, many organizations are finding themselves in need of new and innovative ways to run their business. It is not enough for businesses in many industries to simply get things done the way they have in the past; for a lot of businesses, the focus is shifting toward a focus on consumers or partners more than just themselves. In the commerce industry, this is being shown by the rise of consumer-centric advertising and marketing models.

However, consumers are not the only people businesses need to keep happy in order to compete in today’s incredibly tough market. Suppliers and partners are also essential to the success of your company, and maintaining a good rapport with them is incredibly important if you want to keep working with them. Because of this, many businesses are finding themselves needing to adopt new invoice processing systems to ensure they can keep up with and keep track of the incoming invoices from their suppliers. As technology advances, it tends to get more complex, and with all of these complexities comes the need for new software, such as e-invoice software, to keep up with ever-changing technology.

More than anything, many businesses are finding that adopting invoice management software such as AvidXchange can help them not only ensure they are following any and all e-invoicing regulations but also help them streamline and optimize their invoicing process. Using a software solution like AvidXchange can help your business transition into a 100 percent fully electronic invoicing system, which can help you reduce the unnecessary costs of paper checks, receipts, and invoices that would be needed for a traditional paper invoicing system.

An electronic system also offers 24/7 availability and visibility for your accounts payable team so they can better manage and track your incoming invoices. Another benefit of AvidXchange’s software is that it offers integrations with your current accounting system so that you do not have to learn a completely new invoicing system from scratch. So, for example, if you are using an e-invoicing SAP Concur system, rather than completely starting over with AvidXchange’s software, you can instead integrate the new software with your existing system and maintain the workflow that you already have.

E-Invoicing Portal

Since technological advancements are becoming more popular and widespread throughout various industries, it is no surprise that many businesses—suppliers included—are preferring more digital invoice tracking and managing methods than traditional paper ones. While paper invoicing has been working for years, there is no doubt that it can be a lot slower and less efficient than digital invoicing. Because of this, many companies are opting for a more efficient and faster e-invoicing system over their previous traditional or hybrid system. Another benefit of a completely digital invoicing system is that it eliminates the need for stacks of paper, filing cabinets, and all of the costs associated with them.

With an electronic invoicing system such as AvidXchange, you can easily manage, review, code, and approve invoices, as well as payments, in just a few clicks. Digital invoicing also gives you a greater level of control and visibility within your invoice processing system because multiple people can view an invoice without needing to go searching through filing cabinets to find it. With an online invoice system, all you need to do to see your business’s incoming invoices is log in to your business’s invoice portal—after that, you’re set. From there, you can easily track and approve invoices, and you don’t even have to go into the office to do so. Another extremely important benefit of an e-invoicing system is that it helps you make sure you are always getting your suppliers paid on time and accurately. For these reasons and more, an electronic invoicing system can help you build and maintain better relationships with your suppliers and any partner companies you might have now or in the future.


When transitioning from a traditional paper invoicing system or a hybrid invoicing system to a fully electronic invoicing system, there are a few major changes that will happen. For one, in an e-invoice system, there is no need for hard-copy paper invoices or payment receipts. Because of this, when you have transitioned to an electronic invoice system, you can expect to dramatically reduce the costs of your overall invoice processing system. Additionally, the functionality of e-invoice systems is often far greater than that of a hybrid or traditional invoice system because electronic systems offer 24/7 remote access to your business’s invoice information. Essentially, electronic invoice systems give your AP team an increased level of visibility and control over your invoices without them needing to spend any more time on the process.

Increased control and visibility is only one of many benefits of e-invoicing systems. Another benefit is the increased financial security that comes with e-payment options that help reduce the risk of fraud. Another key advantage of e-invoicing systems is the ability to dramatically increase efficiency while reducing errors at the same time. With e-invoicing software such as AvidXchange, you can easily review and approve payments and invoices with just a few clicks, rather than spending valuable time manually entering data into your traditional or hybrid system.

E-Invoicing Companies

As businesses find the need to adopt new and more advanced invoicing systems, new e-invoicing solutions continue to arise. This is because, since there is a growing market for helping businesses digitize and automate their invoicing processes, more and more e-invoicing companies are coming up. These companies all offer similar solutions, but they each have their own specific features as well. Because of this, an electronic invoice sample from one company might look completely different from another. So, with all of these e-invoicing solutions to pick from, how can you know what the right e-invoicing company is for your business’s invoicing processes?

Unfortunately, there is not really a way to claim that any one company’s e-invoicing software is the absolute best software. This is because all businesses are different, and what may work perfectly for one business could not work at all for another. So when you are deciding which electronic invoicing software will be best for your business, you should look at the features that the software offers. For example, AvidXchange’s invoicing software solution, AvidInvoice, offers automation to help you streamline your invoice processing and manage your invoices in a completely paper-free manner. Additionally, the software offers you the ability to customize your approval processes and workflows and keep an eye on the status of your invoices at any time, from any location, so long as you are connected to the internet.

E-Invoice Format

With all of the various e-invoicing solutions available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which solution will work best for your business. When choosing an electronic invoice app or software solution for your business, you want to make sure that the e-invoice format is going to work well with the invoicing systems you already have in place. While this is not strictly necessary, since you could completely overhaul your invoice processing system with a completely new format, it can be incredibly beneficial in making the transition from one system to another less cumbersome and more seamless.

There are many different formats that an electronic invoice can follow, so it is important to note how you prefer this invoice to appear. For example, if you are currently using a simple invoice format but the e-invoicing software that you want to start using has a much more complex e-invoice template, you could run into complications later on with your AP team. They may not fully understand the new invoice format or simply find it difficult to use with the systems that you have in place. This is why opting for a software solution such as AvidXchange that offers integrations with other accounting systems, as well as customizable workflows and approval processes, can be a great choice whether you’re transitioning from a hybrid system, a traditional system, or even another electronic system.

Benefits of E-Invoicing

E-invoicing systems can have many extremely useful benefits over more traditional or even hybrid systems. For one, as society continues to grow and advance in digital technology, the importance of e-invoicing continues to grow as well. However, just because there are advantages and benefits of e-invoicing software solutions does not mean that there aren’t disadvantages of billing software solutions as well.

Like anything else, electronic invoice benefits are also accompanied by disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of e-billing is that with an online billing system it can be hard for your AP team to access your invoicing data if they are not able to connect to the internet, whereas with a traditional billing system you would be able to find the paper copy of the invoice with or without internet access. However, while there are disadvantages, there are many extremely beneficial advantages of e-invoicing. For example, e-invoicing software solutions like AvidInvoice offers your AP team a greater level of control over your invoicing information, as well as increased remote visibility.

What Is E-Invoicing

To know whether or not an e-invoicing software solution would be a good fit for your business, you need to know what e-invoicing is. Essentially, e-invoicing is just the same as a traditional invoicing system, but rather than using paper invoices, receipts, and checks, everything is digital. This process usually happens in an e-invoicing portal, and the process oftentimes must follow e-invoicing regulations to be successful.

Using an electronic invoicing system allows you to more easily process an incoming invoice, meaning that you can more efficiently and more quickly send payment out to the right supplier. This not only saves both you and the supplier time, but it also ensures that they are paid more promptly, and you can both be sure that the invoice and payment have been properly attended to.

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