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Best Simple Invoice Software

Paying bills is an unfortunate but inevitable part of life. It is a mundane, tedious endeavor that depletes time and energy from other, more engaging activities. This is true whether paying your own personal bills or the bills which you incur as part of your business. With so many elements of the working world becoming automated, why not accounts payable as well? Just as you are able to set up automatic monthly payments for personal expenses with various companies, now there is invoice generator software that allows you to pay your monthly bills automatically so you can focus on the things that really matter to your business. This type of accounts payable automation can only be done with online invoice software, not offline billing software.

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These payments could include anything that is a part of your operational expenses, such as rent for commercial space, utilities, gas, digital subscriptions, and other miscellaneous expenses. The best simple invoice software is one that allows you to automate every single one of your bills, so you are not in a position where you need to manually track all of your financial transactions. Imagine a wonderful world without paper invoices. That would certainly be less of a hassle, keeping the workflow of accounts payable neat and efficient.

Automating the accounts payable process not only frees up time for employees but also fosters trust as you demonstrate that your organization can pay bills in a timely manner. It also leaves less room for human error. There is nothing particularly challenging about the arithmetic and mathematics involved with basic accounting, but we are still humans capable of types and other forms of mistakes, and one should do all that is possible to mitigate human error in regard to financial matters.

Best Invoice App

With the growing use of technology in the workplace, there have been more than a fair share of invoicing apps that have been created to cater to businesses’ financial needs. Which invoicing app is considered the best invoicing app will entirely depend on each client’s priorities for that invoicing app. What may be the best invoice app for one company may not necessarily be the same for another. Each will have its own pros and cons. Each will have its own strengths to draw on and weaknesses that leave gaps in the user experience.

However, to paint a clearer picture of what is out there, here is a list of which programs are believed to be the top invoice apps available. This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but it contains some of the more well-known invoicing apps on the market in 2022.

Zoho Invoice
Wave Invoicing
Invoice Ninja
Invoice Simple
Hurdlr Pro

Some of these invoicing apps are free, while others are paid services. There are also several of them that provide a free basic subscription with options to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription. The upgraded paid options will include further features that are not available in the free versions.

Invoice Billing Software

Business invoicing software can be used in a variety of industries. For example, Avidxchange offers a variety of programs known as AvidSuites which cater to the specific needs of certain businesses. You can use AvidSuite for businesses in the following areas:

Real Estate
Community Association Management
Financial Services
Technology and Software

These are vastly different industries, yet they all share the need to use invoice billing software to keep their operations running smoothly. The best invoice software is one that is versatile and adaptable to a vast array of situations and operations.

The most basic feature within the AvidSuite software package is the AvidPay. This is the software that allows businesses to completely automate their bill payment processes. It uses a cloud-based platform where businesses can use custom workflows with visibility of payment statuses and approvals anytime and anywhere. With AvidPay, businesses can significantly reduce the chance of fraud and eliminate cumbrous paper checks. This also removes the need to follow up with uncashed checks from vendors. Within AvidPay, you can keep track of all of your transactions pertaining to accounts payable in one space. This leaves less room for ambiguity, and auditing becomes a far simpler task.

Simple Invoice Software

Many would consider the best type of invoicing software to be simple invoice software. Automated invoicing software that is user-friendly is often a major attraction when companies are deciding which invoicing software to adopt for their own use. Easy invoicing software can sometimes imply that their features are limited to make their applications less complicated, but that does not always need to be the case.

Within the AvidSuite of Avidxchange, there is the solution, AvidInvoice. This is the place where businesses manage all invoice processes. It offers a clear interface where users can easily search and access invoice history and activity. With invoices clearly coded, they can be assigned to their specific workflows in a seamless assembly line that limits confusion and risk of error.

It’s also a program that can integrate with an organization’s pre-existing accounting system, such as Quickbooks, Oracle Netsuite, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and MRI real estate software. That is good news for companies who already have a system in place, and thus they need not start again from scratch. The current system can remain intact while AvidInvoice enhances it by streaming the processes already present for the organization’s accounting affairs.

Invoicing Software

Invoicing software can be a great option for the most basic of expenses: utilities. Within the “AvidUtility” invoice approval app, Avidxchange can remove manual data from day-to-day processes. With AvidUtility, companies can obtain actionable insights with customized reports to help maximize reporting and analysis. A dashboard dedicated to business analysis can facilitate businesses in creating facility scorecards to see how each branch of the business is performing.

Another solution AvidXchange offers is AvidEnergy, which provides a team of licensed professionals that helps businesses discover and review supplier pricing proposals and agreements. With their expertise, they can help clients negotiate terms for contracts. Being able to lock in energy supply rates can help enormously in projecting future budgets and protect businesses from fluctuations in the energy market. This may be especially important in the context of the current inflation affecting so many areas of society in the United States, businesses included. Energy has rarely been so costly, with supply chains backed up weeks, sometimes even months at a time, depending on the industry. In this type of environment, businesses would be advised to do what they can to stabilize their expenses wherever they can. Invoicing software is a great way to do just that.

Billing Software

A billing approval app has multiple benefits for businesses. Here is a list, to name just a few.

It can reduce costs
It can increase efficiency
It can allow businesses to remain in control of their financial affairs
It can scale for growth
It can reduce the risk of error and fraud
It can improve business relationships
It can work remotely
It can increase visibility

Automated billing software is being further advanced and developed by technologies such as AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation. All of these technologies work together to make accounts payable automation to be what it is and what it can be in the future. The benefits of automation in this area are likely only to increase as time goes on. It is important to stay on top of these technologies that are powering accounts payable automation as that insight may prove vital information when the next digital wave hits. Technology is advancing so quickly that by the time you master one software, another one with greater features has since taken its place. Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest some time in learning the ways of how this software works and how developers are adding to it.

Invoice Software

Invoice software has completely secured its place in the future of business operations. As organizations require more and more digital capacity, invoice management software will become a necessary checkbox if it has not already become one. The COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to the fact that those organizations that possessed digital resilience had a much better time handling the business disruptions of lockdowns. Those who already had the resources of invoice generator software naturally had an advantage in accessing and moving forward with their business transactions when they were forced to work remotely in their homes.

As more and more workers insist on remote work or hybrid options, having a cloud-based platform for accounts payable will continue to be a necessity. The pandemic demonstrated to the business world that remote work did not automatically mean a loss in productivity. If anything, it showed that devoid of distractions, most workers increased their output. Giving them the resources to continue that momentum would be a wise investment for any business. Therefore, eliminating the manual labor and disorganization of offline account management may well be the best way forward.

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