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General Contractor Improves Accounts Receivable Visibility with the AvidXchange Supplier Hub

May 9, 2023

Doron Contracting

“It is really simple to follow and understand. It’s so user-friendly and easy to interact with. It helps me save time when I reconcile my accounts each month.”

A female contractor speaking with a male construction worker.

Doron Contracting

Established in 1999, Doron Contracting is a small family-owned business that provides general contracting, home improvement and remodeling services to customers in Southern Delaware. The company services several residential developments, responding to maintenance needs and repair requests submitted by individual homeowners and homeowners’ associations.

Lena Doron co-owns Doron Contracting with her husband, Guy Doron, overseeing the administrative work for the business, including accounts and receivables.

Doron Contracting recently started functioning as a general contractor on its construction projects after working for many years as a subcontractor. With this change, the volume of invoices started to increase.

Time Wasted Following Up on Payment Status

Doron Contracting joined the AvidPay Network in 2021 and enrolled in the supplier hub in 2022. Prior to using the supplier hub, Doron would call AvidXchange to check on the status of her pending invoices and payments.

“I would call, and everyone was always helpful to inform me if a payment was approved and if payment had been sent out. Having to make the calls would take time out of my day,” she said.

As the company’s work volume expanded, so did the quantity of invoices Doron Contracting issued. Reconciliation became more complicated and time-consuming, requiring multiple phone calls to check their status.

24/7 Access to Invoice and Payment Status

Managing the status of each invoice was challenging for Doron Contracting, requiring multiple phone calls to track every step of the payment process. AvidXchange’s supplier hub helps Doron Contracting save time and more easily reconcile invoices.

As part of her enrollment in AvidXchange’s supplier hub, Doron signed up for daily email notifications, a feature that helps increase her visibility to invoice status and payment approvals.

In addition, access to this information helps Doron manage cashflow because she knows when money is coming in so she can plan to pay her subcontractors.

Doron also checks the hub to assist with invoice reconciliation. She can match her books to the supplier hub to ensure invoices are paid in full and on time.

“When I balance out my checkbook, I can go back and say, ‘Yes, I did get paid for that invoice. And what day?’” Doron said. “It’ll tell me when it was paid, so I know that I deposited it on that date. It also tells me what the check number was.”

The level of detail provided in the supplier hub has helped Doron track down lost and overdue payments. Considering that she expects to send more than 200 invoices this year, having access to in-depth status information at the touch of a button is invaluable.

Saving Time on Invoice Reconciliation

Doron can now better balance her increased workload, spending less time on the phone tracking down invoices and payments. Instead, she relies on her daily hub updates to monitor payments.

“My research time is shortened by half, if not more, because of the hub,” Doron said. “Logging in to the hub is a lot quicker than me calling and being on hold.”

With efficient invoice reconciliation, Doron knows when invoices are approved and when to expect payments. This gives the company insights to manage cashflow more effectively and address expenses as the business grows.

Now, Doron Contracting’s books are balanced thanks to the comprehensive payment information provided in the supplier hub. With real-time updates, customers like Doron Contracting have 24/7 self-service access to invoice and payment statuses no matter where they are.

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