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AvidXchange Supplier Hub Provides 24/7 Payment Status Visibility for Waste Management Company

March 28, 2023

CS Waste

“There’s a sense of security in knowing that your customers are submitting timely payments and that their payment processes are working,” said McCoy. “What we can now achieve through this supplier hub is truly awesome!”

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Champion Services, Inc. (CS Waste)

Champion Services, Inc. (CS Waste) is a family owned and operated business that offers solid waste management and recycling programs to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The company services residential customers, including housing developments and apartment complexes; commercial businesses, including government buildings; and meets industrial needs such as demolition and disaster relief.

CS Waste became a supplier in the AvidPay Network in 2019 when several of its customers automated their accounts payable (AP) processes with AvidXchange. Recently, CS Waste was invited to enroll in a new hub for suppliers, like herself, within the AvidPay Network. This self-serve hub provides suppliers with more autonomy enabled by real-time visibility into their receivables within the network.  

Before Utilizing the New Supplier Hub, McCoy Wasted Time and Effort Tracking Payment Statuses

Tasked with overseeing operations and managing cash flow for a busy waste management company, McCoy needed better visibility into the status of incoming payments from her customers. She spent hours digging for the information, regularly making phone calls and sending emails to get updates on payment statuses.  

“The time it took to check on payments from dozens of clients, often waiting on hold or for email replies, was awful,” said McCoy. “I wasted time I didn’t have to give.”

 Enrolling in the AvidXchange Supplier Hub Gave McCoy Real-Time Visibility into Payment Status Access

After McCoy was invited to enroll, she started using the new supplier hub proficiently. The hub allowed her to see status changes by logging in with 24/7 access and opting in to receive automatic email notifications alerting her to status changes. Now, McCoy no longer spends time tracking down payment updates.

In addition to the increased visibility into payment status, the hub enables suppliers like McCoy who accept Mastercard as a payment method to process payments on their own time. In addition, McCoy now receives alerts when new card payments are available or if a card is about to expire. 

AvidXchange Supplier Hub Provides Better Payment Visibility Resulting in Stronger Business Efficiency

McCoy estimates about 90 percent of CS Waste’s revenue is now processed through the AvidPay Network because so many of her buyers have adopted AvidXchange.

Thanks to the supplier hub, she has real-time visibility into incoming funds with all the invoices she tracks and payment statuses located in one central place. McCoy can also take advantage of the export function to easily reconcile invoice and payment data. 

With better visibility into her cash, McCoy is able to focus on how to grow the company and move forward at a faster pace.   

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