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Nonprofit Clinic Adopts AP Automation to Save Time and Combat Turnover

October 11, 2022

Saban Community Clinic

“I learned the software quickly thanks to AvidXchange’s in-depth training and onboarding resources. It really helped me to grasp the tool and how I could use it to make our process seamless.”

Female doctor speaking with a business manager.

Saban Community Clinic

With five locations throughout Los Angeles, Saban Community Clinic is a nonprofit health clinic that provides a full range of affordable healthcare services, regardless of the patient’s income status. Their goal is to provide patients with the medical assurances needed to remain active members of the growing community.

High turnover rate and long approval process

The accounts payable (AP) department of Saban Community Clinic struggled to retain qualified healthcare AP workers, making it difficult to maintain business continuity and process invoices and payments on time.

Because the department was stretched thin and approvals took so long, they occasionally paid bills past their due date. As a result, orders were sometimes delayed, which impacted the clinic’s operations.

“Sometimes it took two to three weeks to get payment approvals, and by that point, we knew most invoices were going to be past due,” said To. “Then, I still had to send out the payments. We printed out every check, I wrote the details on the invoice cover sheet, and then they had to be signed. It literally took me a whole day just to get checks done.”

The clinic needed an AP solution that could automate their workflows and speed up the approval and payment process.

Going paperless with AvidInvoice and AvidPay

Saban Community Clinic adopted AvidInvoice and AvidPay in March 2020 for end-to-end AP automation.

AvidXchange’s automated invoice management software, AvidInvoice, allowed the clinic to go paperless with digital invoices and automated workflows that route the invoices to approvers – and even sends reminders when needed.

AvidPay, AvidXchange’s full-service payment automation solution, helped To reduce the time it took to process checks from a whole day to seconds by approving payments digitally and sending them to the AvidXchange team for processing.

And thanks to Saban Community Clinic’s partnership with AvidXchange, To said there wasn’t a steep learning curve for the software.

Faster, automated workflow for smooth operations

With AvidPay and AvidInvoice fully integrated into the clinic’s accounts payable process, Saban Community Clinic is now able to process payments on time without worrying about negatively impacting the clinic’s operations or their ability to serve the community.

Although the clinic experienced high turnover rates, AP automation allows To to fully manage the AP process on her own, eliminating the need to hire additional teammates.

“With AvidXchange, I approve invoices in seconds,” said To. “I have way more time to do way more things now and I love that.”

AvidXchange has also helped with To’s work/life balance, as she can now work from home when needed thanks to AvidInvoice’s cloud-based anytime, anywhere access.

“Before adopting AvidXchange, we would pull records from our storage cabinets, and it was a big process. After implementing AvidInvoice and AvidPay, we now have everything on the cloud in one central location.”

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