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Handyman Service Receives Faster Payments with AvidXchange

April 30, 2023

A Plus Handyman Services

“A job is worked on and now it’s off the table with Invoice Accelerator. I never have to worry about it again. Getting the money is nice, but that’s just an added bonus to me. Reconciling my books faster is such a relief.”

Handyman looking at his tablet and smiling.

A Plus Handyman Services

David Rothenberg is the owner of A Plus Handyman Services based in Cranston, Rhode Island. He currently employs four full-time workers and several contractors. The company does handyman projects including repairs and renovations for commercial clients in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Managing Lengthy Payment Cycles

Rothenberg is a busy small business owner, managing maintenance at nationally known retailers in his area and overseeing office operations for A Plus Handyman Services. Though he works with a bookkeeper who handles his finances, outstanding invoices sometimes weigh heavy on his mind. 

Waiting years for payment is definitely not the norm for Rothenberg. But neither is rapid payment. He typically waits 45-90 days to get paid on the invoices he submits after completing projects for his clients. 

Rothenberg likes to keep organized and cross things off his to-do list. “I like to keep all my paperwork in order. If I can get something off my plate, that’s what I want to do,” he said. Rothenberg does not enjoy the lengthy reconciliation process involved with most jobs—he prefers to get paid quickly so he can mentally move on from completed projects.

Early Payment via Invoice Accelerator

When AvidXchange reached out to Rothenberg to see if he’d like to utilize Invoice Accelerator on an outstanding invoice with a large commercial client, he jumped at the opportunity. This payment acceleration solution offers suppliers in the AvidPay Network the opportunity to receive early payment on eligible invoices.

AvidXchange lets suppliers, like A Plus Handyman Services, get paid on an invoice before it has made it through their customer’s entire approval workflow. With this early payment option, if a supplier chooses to accelerate an eligible invoice, AvidXchange deposits the funds directly into their account in as little as 24 hours for a small fee.

Several of Rothenberg’s customers use AvidXchange to automate their accounts payable (AP) processes and pay their suppliers. Rothenberg has advanced almost 100 invoices since he first learned about Invoice Accelerator, saving him significant reconciliation time.

Fewer Worries with Faster Payment

Rothenberg had never used a service like Invoice Accelerator in his 30+ years of running a handyman business. But now he’s a convert—he says he would automatically advance all his clients’ invoices if it was possible.

He appreciates the service and the ability to clear his books. “The pressure that comes off of me when I take a job off my books is worth the acceleration fee,” Rothenberg said.

With Invoice Accelerator, AvidXchange makes funding more easily accessible to small businesses like A Plus Handyman Services, delivering more control over their cash flow. There’s no credit check required, and suppliers can work with a dedicated team focused on facilitating payments and supporting the accounts receivable (AR) process.

Rothenberg is a believer in AvidXchange and this early payment solution, and looks forward to continuing to use this service to optimize his cash flow and receivables process.

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