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How AvidXchange Transformed Payment Processing for 9thWonder

April 16, 2024


“AvidXchange offers us significantly better customer service, proprietary tools, higher revenue share and much higher participation rates than our previous payment solution.”

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9thWonder is a strategic marketing, media and content agency that delivers best in class services to a range of Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, tech and CPG industries.

With a network of seven agencies worldwide, 9thWonder provides clients with a holistic full-service experience that seamlessly takes a brand from digital and web development to social, media, creative and beyond.

As its motto goes: “Use some of us or all of us. Locally. Globally. Confidently.”

Since 2016, 9thWonder has been busy building out a network of full-service agencies around the world. Averaging one acquisition per year, it has quickly expanded to more than 250 employees in just a few years; and the agency has no plans of stopping.

However, with exponential growth also comes challenges in scaling the business. With an increase in media spend and fast-paced operations, the finance team was burdened with thousands of invoices that required various payment methods and terms that changed constantly.

Although 9thWonder had an automated payment provider in place, it still found the payment process to be time-consuming and lackluster. The company was ready for an upgrade.

AvidXchange delivered more than just a payment solution for 9thWonder. With proprietary data from 60,000+ media suppliers and buyers, AvidXchange was able to capture additional spend through 532 new suppliers and improved payment efficiencies to an average of less than one day to process payments. 

Processing over 6,200 invoices in 2018, AvidXchange’s automated payment technology saved the accounting team at 9thWonder more than 400 hours that would have been spent manually entering payments into supplier portals. 

Additionally, AvidXchange’s 24/7 customer support team monitored all supplier payments and followed up on 105 invoices to ensure processing. After making the transition to AvidXchange, 9thWonder has experienced the highest payment throughput, revenue share and invoice approval in its history.

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