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Google Exec to Finance Pros: Now’s the Time to Try Something New – And No One Will Ask You Why

August 28, 2020
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Now is the time for you as a finance professional to try something new – and no will ask you why.

This is the belief of Quentin Hardy, head of editorial for Google Cloud and an expert guest on the August REVx at the Your Desk webinar.

Feel liberated to explore new ways of doing business

During the webinar, he encouraged finance pros to feel liberated to explore new ways of doing business as they make decisions to come out stronger from the current economy.

He said they should explore new strategies to generate value from all the data they generate using automation in accounts payable (AP) processing and payments. For example, finance pros should use that data to generate more insights that lead to smarter decisions to help their businesses grow in new ways.

He also stressed the importance of:

  • using data to detect behavioral patterns and predictability in customer behaviors, arrive at more valuable insights and deliver them more relevant information and personalized services
  • tapping into data to gain insights on more efficient ways to reorganize their companies through the lens of a digital mindset rather than paper
  • harnessing AP payment and invoice data to gain deeper insights into overall market patterns.

Massive impact of cloud computing on peoples’ lives

Hardy, a former deputy technology editor for the New York Times, also spoke about the current economic situation in the context of cloud computing.

A main reason he joined Google Cloud was to help communicate the story about the massive importance of cloud computing to peoples’ lives over the next several years. Fueled by automation, he believes cloud will make breakthroughs possible in the ways people live and work.

“I truly believe that what cloud represents is a dramatic transformation of business, economics and much else,” he said in a recent interview with Recode. “It will take place over years, but the nexus of sensors and mobile computing, large cloud systems and artificial intelligence will remake the world on a scale of electricity and automotive power.”

To watch the full webinar, click here.

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