Chris Tinsley

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Tinsley

Chris joined us in 2000 as our Chief Technology Officer. He leads our Platform Product team, leading the coordination of product teams across the organization. His mission is to create and manage the best-in-class business capabilities that successful product development and management demand.

Prior to AvidXchange, he spent six years in the Navy, pursuing a career as an officer. After making a major shift in direction and deciding to focus on a civilian career, he completed his degree in computer science and started a software consulting business. When AvidXchange became a customer, he felt he saw a great opportunity and decided to close down his business, join ours, and take on the challenge of driving AvidXchange’s technology and software vision. In 2017, he began to focus on strategic partnerships and acquisitions, helping to bring BankTel into our business and establishing a more strategic partnership with Microsoft for Machine Learning. In 2020, he formed the Platform Capabilities team, focusing on building and evolving the software capabilities that are the foundation of our business model.   

In his free time, Chris and his family enjoy the great outdoors, exploring, hiking and biking the North Carolina mountains.

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