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Submit e-Invoices to Customers the Easy Way!

e-Invoicing with AvidBill Network

Are you frustrated with your receivables process? Imagine receiving notification that your invoice has been received and knowing that your invoice is in your customers AP system. No, you’re not dreaming, that's what happens when you join the AvidBill Network.

Approximately 110,000 suppliers have joined the AvidXchange AvidBill Network. Our cloud-based e-Invoice network lets you send your customers invoices electronically from anywhere in the world.

Implement an industry best practice and join suppliers like Sherwin-Williams, Gordon Food Service and Wilmar in reducing operating costs, increasing productivity and supporting sustainability initiatives by eliminating paper from a mission critical process.

 How Does the AvidBill Network Help my Business?

  • You can reduce your processing costs and effortlessly streamline your billing process
  • Eliminate paper invoices, postage and the labor associated with printing and mailing paper invoices
  • Send e-Invoices to multiple buyers through a single network
  • Eliminate data entry errors by your customer’s data entry process
  • Receive immediate notification of receipt of invoice, typically in 24 hours or less
  • Expect timely payment of your invoice

Best of all there is no charge to you when you send e-Invoices to AvidXchange customers. 

 Why Partner with AvidXchange?

We partner with suppliers to convert their invoices to e-Invoices. As a team we work together to convert your invoices to an electronic format when adding you to the AvidBill Network.

Supplier Successfully Submitted an Invoice

Just a few of the advantages of joining the AvidBill Network: 

  • Receipt of your invoice is almost instantaneously for most e-Invoice formats
  • Receive electronic notification of receipt as soon as your invoice is accepted by your customer
  • Invoices are processing in your customer's AP workflow usually within 24-48 hours
  • Integration to most Billing systems simplifies the transition to electronically submitting invoices
  • Choose from multiple electronic formats to support your existing infrastructure instead of conforming to ours: email, Web submission or EDI
  • Dedicated resources to assist your conversion to e-Invoicing
  • It costs you nothing to send e-Invoices to AvidXchange customers

 Interested? Let’s Get Started!

We are happy to work with suppliers to help convince their customers to switch to e-Invoices. Contact us and we will send you our Trading Partner Survey to help us understand your e-Invoicing readiness.

You can contact us directly at and a member of the AvidXchange Supplier Integrations team will respond immediately.     

Let's revolutionize the way our customers pay their bills--together!