Utility Bill Automated Payment Processing

Utility Bill Management and Energy Procurement Services

AvidUtility consumption analytics provides comprehensive controls, utility bill management, reporting and payment features for greater control of utility costs and invoice management. 

AvidUtility - Utility Bill Management and Energy Procurement Services
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Avidutility: Utility Bill Management Software from AvidXchange

AvidXchange’s automated consumption analytics and payment processing solution reduces the burden of receiving, capturing, and paying utility invoices from your payables staff, freeing up time and saving your business money.

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Up to 74%

of utility payments made electronically
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into invoice status, energy spend and key performance indicators
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separate validations performed on each invoice to ensure accuracy

Our utility bill management solution helps organizations manage cash flow and utility spend with greater accuracy and efficiency. It provides detailed data that allows you to track key utility metrics so you can make projections on spending and budget, see discrepancies related to incorrect billing and determine if there are vast differences in usage patterns. Also, if your organization has a need for ENERGY STAR certification, our experts can assist you with the data required for ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager.

AvidUtility heightens awareness of energy usage and billing rates while greatly simplifying your payment process. This allows you to better manage your utility spend at any location or facility ─ down to the meter level. Our full-service offering also comes with our written guarantee that utility bills will always be paid on time, reducing the threat of disconnection and/or late fees. *Subject to late fee guidelines.

Our automated validation process:

  1. Validates accuracy of start and end date continuity
  2. Detects missing and out of cycle bills
  3. Checks meter reading continuity for billing accuracy
  4. Monitors consumption variances and issues alerts for irregularities
  5. Monitors rate variances and issues alerts for irregularities
  6. Detects duplicate utility bills and charges

Energy Procurement

AvidEnergy negotiates third-party electric and natural gas supply arrangements on behalf of clients with business sites in states with deregulated electricity markets (see list below). Our experienced Certified Energy Procurement professionals develop a comprehensive energy procurement strategy and solicit bids from qualified suppliers that best meet your energy requirements and business conditions.


out of pocket cost
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in the energy procurement sector

Most states within the U.S. have deregulated gas markets and many also have deregulated electricity markets. This means that businesses can pick and choose the energy supplier that results in the greatest financial value. Unfortunately, many businesses are not able to capitalize on this opportunity because they lack the time, resources, or industry knowledge to properly analyze and negotiate these contracts.

Our experts analyze each supplier’s bid for quantitative and qualitative factors and recommend the most qualified, licensed energy supplier with the product(s) that fit your energy requirements with minimum risk.

Benefits of AvidEnergy

  • Annual Cost Savings
    • Crafts a targeted approach based on an in-depth evaluation of your current energy usage and cost.
    • Analyzes all available opportunities to negotiate better pricing with energy suppliers in your area.
    • Actively monitors market conditions to help you capitalize on favorable buying opportunities.
  • Experienced Consulting Services
    • Maintains a fully licensed team to serve every deregulated market with proven experience nationwide.
    • Obtains and evaluates energy supplier pricing proposals and agreements.
    • Negotiates favorable contract terms and conditions on your behalf.
  • Budget Stability
    • Improves your financial forecasting by fixing energy supply rates for a set period.
    • Protects your business from future price fluctuations in the utility market.
    • Centralizes your utility contract management for a holistic look at your energy spend.
If your company has sites in any of the below states, you can benefit from AvidEnergy’s procurement services:
States where AvidEnergy is available
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C.

Rate and Tariff Analysis

Our comprehensive Rate & Tariff Analysis service provides a 12-month historical utility cost analysis of billings across all accounts. 

We analyze all utility commodities including electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, fuel oil, steam, and coal. This snapshot identifies suspected utility billing errors and opportunities for on-going cost savings. 

We provide tariff and utility cost rate analysis identifying all areas of potential cost savings with go-forward recommendations and action plans.

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Island Hospitality Management has benefited greatly utilizing AvidXchange’s AvidUtility service by allowing our utility bills to be processed quickly and efficiently.
Since 2008 AvidXchange has enabled our firm to reduce energy expenditures and manage pricing volatility, all while allowing us to maintain flexibility.


AvidXchange is transforming how middle-market companies are managing and making bill payments with invoice and payment automation.

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