Get your suppliers paid faster than ever with flexible, managed payment solutions. Make 100% of your bill payments with AvidXchange. You and your suppliers will love our software, services, and industry leading payment network.

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Bill Payment Software from AvidXchange

Trade in paper, stamps, and hours for a few simple clicks to pay all of your vendors without worries.

You select payments from your accounting system just like you do today, but instead of selecting them for print, you select them to pay. Payments are then transmitted to the e-payment Application and your optimized payment process begins. Based on your company’s current approval processes, payment files are routed to approvers for final approval before they are transmitted to vendors.

Once approved, all payments are debited from your company’s bank account(s) to a trust account for secure funding. Verified funds are then easily distributed to vendors. Your company’s accounting system remains your system of record, and you will receive files with all the payment information your company needs for reconciliation of payments.

AvidXchange Award

Largest Supplier Network

We have become the trusted ally of more than 500,000 businesses in our supplier network, processing over $120B in invoices and payments in 2018 alone.


Keep Control

No need for big changes. Keep your processes in place by adding your current approval rules to your automated payment process.

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Build Trust

Security is key! Transfer ePayments or checks to verified vendor bank accounts to prevent fraud and provide 100% protection for your vendor payments.

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Real-Time Reporting

Integrate your accounting system with our application to automatically pay invoices in minutes instead of weeks or months.

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AvidXchange is a G2 Reviews Leader in Accounts Payable Software



  • Make fast and secure payments to suppliers backed by the largest supplier network
  • Create custom workflows with 24/7 visibility into payment status and approvals
  • Reduce processing costs by eliminating check printing, envelopes, postage and time spent following up on uncashed checks

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my invoice look like once it's in the system?

Once your invoice is entered into the system, simply log in to see the scanned invoice and all data that we’ve pulled from it – including payment total, vendor, and due date.

How will AvidXchange reduce my paper consumption?

After invoice entry, recycle the loose leaves. The data, payment details, and approvals are all managed through our invoice scanning process – no pen or paper needed. You can even have your buyers email your invoices to skip a step!

How do invoices get into the software?

We make it simple. Use your personalized AvidXchange email address to send us a PDF or scanned copy of your invoice. All of your buyers will send invoices the same way. Feel free to have your invoices mailed to your AvidXchange assigned P.O. Box, and we’ll use our services to enter them for you.

In disputing an invoice, how is that handled?

The Internal System Administrator or anyone with permissions of your internal team can void an invoice. Note, that this cannot be undone.

Is there a threshold in terms of invoices per month that typically make sense to consider automation?

There isn’t a magic number, but we recommend speaking with an AvidXchange team professional to determine account system integration, and automation software and services that best fit your business.

How can approval workflows be configured? Ex: by department, invoice type, etc.

By default, invoices are listed by Invoice Date, but can be arranged and filtered alphabetically or numerically by: Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Due Date, Vendor, Vendor ID, Total, Property, Property Code, Action, Days Held, Ordered By, Proxy For.

Love your accounting system? We do too.

AvidXchange’s products don’t replace your existing accounting software. Instead, our industry-leading Accounts Payable solutions seamlessly integrate with over 150 of the most popular business accounting systems. After all, we’re here to help streamline your payment processes, not pile on to your pain.

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Oracle NetSuite Accounting Software
Intuit Quickbooks Accounting Software
Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting Software
Rent Manager Accounting Software
MRI Real Estate Accounting Software
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Yardi Accounting Software

Don’t see your accounting system? Check out our Integrations page for the full list of systems and ERPs that AvidXchange can integrate with.

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We are providing much better services to our clients. We are paying vendors on time, and we have visibility to every exception that happens and why it happens so we can get better each and every time.

– Rob P. Senior Director, Financial Operations at FirstService Residential


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