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How to Close the Digital Skills Gap with Upskilling Initiatives

Bridging the digital skills gap in finance departments
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What's Inside

In today’s workforce, a prominent digital skills gap has emerged. It underscores the difference between the existing skills and knowledge held by employees and the proficiencies demanded to flourish in a digital-first economy. This skills gap is especially prominent within finance departments, where automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are fueling efficiencies, yet few professionals exhibit digital competency.

Among the approaches to bridging the digital skills gap, upskilling programs stand out as a compelling option. Upskilling provides employees with training and development opportunities to enhance their job-related skills and knowledge, enabling them to progress in their career paths.

Organizations reap significant advantages from investing in these educational initiatives, as they result in increased productivity, heightened employee satisfaction and a boost in innovation.

Learn about implementing digital upskilling in your organization by downloading our free e-book.

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