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The Scary Truth About Paper-Based AP Processes

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The Scary Truth About Paper-Based AP Processes 2017 (A Halloween eBook) - Cover

What's Inside

Everyone’s afraid of change, but there’s something terrifying about staying the same, especially when it comes to your paper-based accounts payable process. If your company is still receiving paper invoices or paying bills, you’re not capitalizing on today’s best practices. You’re also missing out on the unlimited potential for savings after relieving your AP team of time-consuming tasks such as opening the mail, data entry, and filing mountains of paper.

In our eBook, The Scary Truth About Paper-Based AP Processes, you’ll learn how automating your AP and payment processes means eliminating paper invoices and checks from your organization while reducing your processing costs by more than half along the way. You’ll also learn how automation protects your organization from fraud and invoice scams by enforcing strict adherence to business rules.


“Like paper checks, the origin of the vertical filing cabinet is an unsolved mystery. I know, I know, it’s a terrifying thought, but apparently, the filing cabinet just showed up one day and we all started using it without questioning its existence. That’s a little weird, right?”